Sunday, 20 March 2011

The Iraq Inquiry: Illegality of UK Military Intervention in Libya

Longterm readers of this blog will be aware that I originally started the blog in light of the multiple failures of the Chilcot Inquiry to inquire fully into the Iraq War including the failure to consider the illegality of the UK military action in Iraq from July 2000 onwards. See, for example, the post The Use of armed force by UK military personnel has been unlawful in UK law since 20th July 2000 from February 2010.

Today I have written to the Attorney General and Prime Minister informing them that the UK military intervention in Libya is contrary to UK Law on grounds similar to those I believe to apply to the Iraq situation.

I posted a copy of my email to Dominic Grieve and David Cameron on my Westminster's Cheating Us blog here: Open Letter to David Cameron and Dominic Grieve re Illegality of UK military intervention in Libya.

In the email I allude to the failure of the Chilcot Inquiry which, more than a year ago, led to the creation of the Chilcot's Cheating Us blog.

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