Sunday, 4 September 2011

The Death of David Kelly - An award for Terry Williams

Terry Williams was the Thames Valley Police IT specialist who examined David Kelly's computers on 18th July 2003.

The Hutton Inquiry site is currently down so I can't add a working link. The document reference I wanted to link to is TVP/3/0035.

Terry Williams now works for LGC Forensics.

On his bio page, Terry Williams we read the following:

During his time with Thames Valley Police Terry received three commendations: two were from the Chief Constable for his analysis work in convicting pedophiles and the other from the Assistant Chief Constable for his computer forensics work into the investigation of death of a high profile figure.

Was the "high profile figure" David Kelly?

Was the "assistant chief constable" ACC Michael Page, of doubtful fingerprint evidence fame? See The Death of David Kelly - Did ACC Page pervert the course of justice?.

What did Terry Williams do that deserved a commendation?

It's far from obvious to me. Mr. Williams' investigation left many questions in my mind.

Thanks to Felix, here, for a very good spot.


  1. Following a phone call to the MoJ I've now been directed to a working (archived) version of the Hutton site. It's

  2. Thanks, Brian.

    For convenience, I've made that a working link here: The Hutton Inquiry.

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  4. I can't find a reference to Williams giving a police statement on the Hutton site, that in itself is not too surprising as Page said they had taken 300 statements but only 65 appear referenced on the web site, none of them accessable.

    Some individuals gave more than one statement; Sawyer 3, Alan Clark 2, John Clark 3, Killip 2 and interestingly Janice Kelly 5! I wonder if Gudjonsson had an influence here?

  5. Andrew,
    Terry Williams also appears on TVP/7/0391-3, which is a curious jumble. 391/2 are examinations of randomly selected and trivial floppy disc (credit card spread sheet and a restricted 1Gb cd on Pre-deployment training, May 2003) seemingly examined in the early hours of Sunday night/Monday morning. Mr Williams had said in TVP/3/0035 that he was off duty at the weekend, available only for call out. I wonder what was so interesting for an emergency attendance?
    0393 seems quite unrelated, an apparent proof that the 09.28 email was read and deleted but it doesn't satisfy me that it was done on a computer from Dr Kelly's home. This is not a report,merely a minuscule limited hangout.

    Contemporary reports say Dr Kelly's office in the MoD building was not secured for quite some time after he was allegedly found.
    Special Branch officers from Scotland Yard have sealed off Kelly’s offices in Whitehall as “part of a wide-ranging investigation into why the Ministry of Defence scientist died,” the Times has reported. “A team of Special Branch detectives moved into Kelly’s office in the MoD’s headquarters late on Friday, securing it from any outside interference.” (David Leppard and Chris Walsh, Sunday Times 20 July 2003)

    What “outside interference” are they concerned about? asked Chris Marsden on the World Socialist web site on 25 July 2003.

    The ST also reported that "Senior officers are, however, keeping “an open mind” and will not be confirming the death as suicide before the coroner’s inquest." - which of course means they must still have an open mind, because there never has been an inquest.

  6. Felix,

    The document you link to is an interesting one.

    It relates to exhibit TW4 (which itself seems to be a hotchpotch of items).

    One basic question is what were exhibits TW1, TW2 and TW3?

    Another basic question is what were the findings on those exhibits?

    BTW I think you're incorrect about when the examination was carried out. It looks to me as if it was carried out a little after 15.00 on Monday 21st July.

    The credit card spreadsheet need not lack interest. It might, for example, be for David Kelly's US credit card(s) in connection with him living with Mai Pederson. (An issue which the Hutton Inquiry assiduously avoided.)

    The redaction of the email on page 3 of the report is bizarre. If the email was to David Kelly what possible sensible purpose is served by redacting his name?

  7. sorry, Andrew, I am only used to the 24 hour clock. ,was confused by 03.17 PM. There must have been mountains of material for Mr Williams to plough through on all those hard drives and discs. I just wonder why this snapshot is labelled a report.
    The redacted addressee is xsk (45?) which, when it suits the Hutton inquiry, is not redacted. This email address is also used in communications with Susan Watts, SJW/5/0005-16. Naturally,
    Mr Williams would have discovered these emails and more on Dr Kelly's computer well before Susan Watts delivered them...
    In fact, Mr Williams would probably know more about Dr Kelly than anyone!