Thursday, 27 January 2011

The Death of David Kelly - Insufficiency of Inquiry into the Evidence of David Broucher

This post consists largely of the text of an email sent today to Kevin McGinty of the Attorney General's Office.

The title of the email was,

Dr. David Kelly - Insufficient inquiry into David Broucher's evidence

The body of the email was:

Mr McGinty,

I write further to previous correspondence to the Attorney General regarding the need for an inquest into the death of Dr. David Kelly.

In this email I wish to draw to your attention the "insufficiency of inquiry" by Lord Hutton into the evidence of the diplomat Mr. David Broucher.

Mr. Broucher gave the startling evidence to the Hutton Inquiry that David Kelly had told him that, in certain circumstances, he (David Kelly) expected to be found dead in the woods. See the evidence of David Broucher here:

The quote from David Broucher about David Kelly probably being found dead in the woods is on Page 145 of the transcript.

Rachel Kelly who appeared before Lord Hutton a few days later cast doubt on the recollected date of the meeting between David Broucher and David Kelly.

Without taking the opportunity to clarify with Mr. Broucher whether any seeming discrepancy about dates was substantive or not, Lord Hutton concluded in his report that David Broucher met David Kelly only in February 2002 (which was a nonsensical conclusion given David Broucher's evidence).

Some time subsequent to the Hutton Report, Mr Broucher clarified in a letter to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office that he had met David Kelly in both February 2002 and February 2003.

I submit that it is gross insufficiency of inquiry on this matter and irregularity of process for Lord Hutton to use conjecture about dates by Rachel Kelly to dismiss Mr. Broucher's potentially important evidence without cross-examining him about the seeming discrepancies.

David Kelly's expectation of being "found dead in the woods" might mean he expected to be murdered. Or it might mean that he expected to commit suicide. A more serious attempt ought, I submit, be made to attempt to clarify if any light might be shed on which of those two possibilities was intended.

I would be grateful if the Attorney General would add consideration of this matter to the matters previously drawn to his attention suggesting the need for an application to the High Court to order an inquest into the death of Dr. David Kelly.

(Dr) Andrew Watt

The Death of Dr. David Kelly - The Gary P. Hayes Award

The Gary P. Hayes Award is an award of the Police Executive Research Forum of the United States.

Only one policeman from outside the United States appears on the list of recipients of the Gary P. Hayes Award from 1986 - 2009.

That recipient is Peter Neyroud.

Peter Neyroud was Chief Constable of Thames Valley Police in 2003.

Peter Neyroud received his award for 2003.

The award appears to be awarded retrospectively. The Press Release announcing the award to Peter Neyroud is dated 22nd April 2004.

Is this timing merely a somewhat unfortunate coincidence?

Or, early in 2004, does someone in the United States have particular reason to say "Thank you" to the Chief Constable of Thames Valley Police?

The Death of Dr. David Kelly - Were the Kellys in North Cornwall?

Further information about the possible location of David and Janice Kelly in Cornwall in July 2003 appeared on the Southend Leaks web site a short time ago.

The article is entitled Release Three.

For convenience, I reproduce the claim as it currently exists on the Southend Leaks web site.

Dr. David Kelly - Release Three

According to eyewitnesses the Kellys spent some time in North Cornwall during their sojourn to the West Country. They say they saw the Kellys at a secluded farmhouse there and felt they were resident.

The Kellys and the de Haans - Part One

Dr. David Kelly was seen at Higher Tresmorn Farmhouse in Crackington Haven, North Cornwall, a few days before he was found dead on Harrowdown Hill. He was in a distressed state. He was with his concerned wife and an unknown young woman, according to eyewitnesses.

At the time Higher Tresmorn Farmhouse offered holiday cottages to rent and these were administered by Mrs. Emma de Haan, at Thameside Cottage, Church Lane, Longworth, Oxfordshire.

At the time, Andrew de Haan lived at and managed Thames Side Farm in Longworth, Oxfordshire.

Within the boundaries of Thames Side Farm lies Harrowdown Hill.

Part two will be released tomorrow.

Given that the supposed witness(es) and the proprietor(s) of the Southend Leaks web site are all anonymous at the present time I think it's not unfair to examine it as if it were an anonymous tip off.

A quick search of the Internet confirms that Emma de Haan exists and it appears that she currently runs the Higher Tresmorn operation as a resident. There is evidence that she previously lived at Thameside Cottage, Longworth in 2003.

So, at a minimum, there appears to be some credible background content in the claim.

However each of the following points is, so far as I can see, no more than unsubstantiated claim at present:

1. That David Kelly was the man observed to be distressed.

2. That there was a young woman with the couple asserted to be David and Janice Kelly.

3. That the Kellys were present at Higher Tresmorn Farm.

4. That the Kellys were staying at Higher Tresmorn Farm.

It is also unclear on what date(s) the eyewitness(es) observed the couple and the young woman at Higher Tresmorn Farm.

It will be interesting to read tomorrow's installment to see if any weight is added to the claim that the Kellys were seen at Higher Tresmorn Farm.

In the context of the "Kelly Affair" it might be relevant to comment that a combined Bed and Breakfast / Self Catering Accomodation complex would be ideal "cover" for a possible safe house. An ongoing pattern of unfamiliar faces coming and going would be the norm.

Also, Higher Tresmorn Farm is only a few miles from GCHQ Bude (Morwenstow), a potentially suitable, highly secure location for David Kelly to be interviewed, interrogated and/or coached for his upcoming appearances before the Foreign Affairs Committee and/or Intelligence and Security Committees in July 2003.

Currently, I am unaware of any specific evidence to suggest that Higher Tresmorn Farm may be (or have been) a "safe house". Equally, I am unaware of any direct evidence that David Kelly entered GCHQ Bude. Such considerations are, currently, no more than speculation.

The Death of Dr. David Kelly - No fingerprints on the mobile phone

A mobile phone was found in a pocket of David Kelly's Barbour jacket on 18th July 2003.

In response to a Freedom of Information request, Thames Valley Police have admitted that no fingerprints were found on that mobile phone.

For completeness, I reproduce the information in the form received from Thames Valley Police here (I've put my questions in italics below):

Dear Dr Watt

Reference No: RFI2010000840

Thank you for your request for information dated 05/12/2010 which I have repeated below with our response to each point.

Was the mobile phone found in the Barbour jacket pocket of David Kelly on 18th July 2003 tested for fingerprints?


Were any fingerprints found on the mobile phone?


If the answer to 2 is "Yes", whose fingerprints were found?


Please contact me quoting the above reference number if you would like to discuss this matter further.

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

The Death of Dr. David Kelly - What if David Kelly wasn't "The Real Source"?

Following the release of these statements, BBC statements: Full text, by the BBC on 20th July 2003 many commentators stopped asking the fundamental question, "Who was The Real Source for Andrew Gilligan's assertions on the Radio 4 Today Programme?".

Were those commentators making a big mistake in stopping asking that fundamental question?

Was it intended that they should make precisely that mistake?

Richard Sambrook claimed that David Kelly was "the principal source" but his statement does little or nothing, so far as I can see, to clarify which aspects of Andrew Gilligan's claims may fairly be attributed to David Kelly.

Nor does Richard Sambrook's statement exclude the possibility that the most controversial aspects of the Gilligan claims came from The Real Source rather than from David Kelly ("The Seeming Source").

Let's hypothesise that the BBC statement had the effect of concealing the existence of "The Real Source".

Do any aspects of the David Kelly chronology come into sharp focus?

One oddity that suddenly may make sense is the bizarre expulsion of David Kelly from Kuwait on 19th May 2003. What seems bizarre might suddenly make sense - The Real Source needed David Kelly to be in London to be The Seeming Source for Andrew Gilligan.

It might also cast new light on the "notes" of what David Kelly supposedly said on 22nd May 2003 to Andrew Gilligan but which were found in Andrew Gilligan's electronic organiser dated 21st May 2003. One can hypothesise that Gilligan and The Real Source discussed on 21st May 2003 what David Kelly was supposed to say the following day.

With the Foreign Affairs Committee (on 15th July 2003) and the Intelligence and Security Committee (on 16th July 2003) clearing David Kelly of being "the source", there emerges a very real risk that The Real Source will be searched for and maybe exposed.

But who might he or she be?

Someone with substantial political / intelligence clout.

Could someone in the UK arrange for David Kelly to be expelled from Kuwait? They could, if they have sufficient clout.

Could someone arrange for David Kelly to be murdered? They could, if they have sufficient clout.

If this hypothesis is correct then it explains the "need" to murder David Kelly on 17th July 2003. I acknowledge that the hypothesis contains many speculative elements but what other hypothesis explains the need for the murder of David Kelly on 17th July 2003?

If The Real Source exists then he / she is not a small player.

In all likelihood if some, in due time, take a fall for the murder of David Kelly or the subsequent conspiracy to conceal that murder then it won't be The Real Source.

People like The Real Source always elude responsibility.

But, with a great deal of luck, it's just possible that the Real Source might be exposed. There may be a first time even for something so improbable.

The Death of Dr. David Kelly - Southend Leaks

Readers of this blog may find it interesting to keep an eye on a new web site called Southend Leaks.

The second snippet of information on the Southend Leaks site claims that the Kellys were (staying) in North Cornwall in July 2003. See The Kellys were in North Cornwall. (Janice Kelly claimed in her testimony to Hutton that they were staying in Mevagissey, in South Cornwall.)

Tantalisingly, readers will have to wait for two days to get access to the supporting evidence.

An unusual approach.

However, many who have looked at the testimony from Janice Kelly to Hutton about the events of 9th July 2003 to 18th July 2003 have been left with uncomfortable doubts about its accuracy.

Brian Spencer got to the heart of the most relevant question in the title of this recent post: Did Mrs Kelly lie at the Hutton Inquiry?.

My suspicion is that the answer to Brian's question is "Yes".

In a couple of days we may learn if there is worthwhile new evidence shedding light on the discrepancies about the trip to Cornwall.

The Death of David Kelly - The Willie McRae Mystery

The death of David Kelly is not the only unsolved mystery death in or around the political domain in the United Kingdom in recent decades.

I don't propose to explore the death of Willie MacRae in detail but it's another fascinating story where the relevant Police Force seems to have been astonishingly unobservant.

It certainly raises in my mind the possibility in my mind of pre-meditated failure of observation.

See Willie McRae mystery: Crown Office asks for fresh information for some of the relevant background on the Willie McRae.

Maybe the Internet will bring a number of other mysterious quasi-political deaths in the UK to light.

Without the Internet the murder of Dr. David Kelly would have been safely buried by Lords Falconer and Hutton around 7 years ago.

The Internet certainly makes things tougher for those who aspire to be gravediggers in the political domain and so bury inconvenient truth.