Tuesday, 9 February 2010

The Chilcot Inquiry is Institutionally Racist

Have you noticed that the Chilcot Inquiry has not interviewed a single Iraqi?

Did you realise that (so far as I can judge his intentions) Sir John Chilcot has no plans to interview even one Iraqi, never mind an appropriate cross section of Iraqis that would allow meaningful lessons to be learned about the Iraq War.

How can you "learn lessons" if you treat the people who have been most seriously affected by the United Kingdom's immoral, ill thought out and illegal war as if they are worse than Untermenschen? As if Iraqis are "non-people", with no brains, no views, no insights.

Gordon Brown intended that the Iraqi people be excluded from the process. He wouldn't be too keen on detailed examination of what it feels like to be orphaned by a Royal Air Force bomb or missile or have your home obliterated by Her Majesty's Royal Artillery to be put in the public domain.

Gordon Brown's natural naziism appals me Somehow (in a lawful way) he has to be made to include Iraqis in the Iraq Inquiry. Surely he can't get with his blatant insitutional racism.

Surely it's totally unacceptable in the 21st Century that Chilcot gets away with this grotesque and gross institutional racism.


  1. This is right on the button.
    Have you thought about writing to the Iraq Inquiry asking why they haven't & what plans they have to interview Iraqis.
    It is important to expose this.

  2. Hi William,

    Oh yes I sent them hard copy on 2nd February explaining to Sir John Chilcot why, in my view, the Iraq War was terrorism as defined in the Terrorism Act 2000.

    I also cross-copied them into a letter I sent to Sir Paul Stephenson of the Metropolitan Police asking him to investigate what I saw (and still see) as multiple serious offences under the Terrorism Act 2000.

    In the letter to Sir Paul Stephenson I named an illustrative group of 7 publicly known individuals who I believed (and still believe) had committed serious offences as defined in the Terrorism Act 2000.

    Silence so far but I don't expect the "players" in all this to be able to maintain "radio silence" for much longer.

    I've put effort into making it difficult for the "big players" to keep this totally under wraps.

    Tomorrow might well be a very interesting day regarding this subject matter.