Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Sage Comment about Goldsmith's advice from Prof. Philip Allott

You may recall that Peter Goldsmith referred in evidence to Chilcot in terms of Blair being his "client" (In the transcript of Goldsmith's evidence on the Chilcot site see for example page 67, line 13 and following).

That's another mistake in approach, illustrated by the following sage comments from Professor Emeritus Philip Allott (emphasis in the quote is mine):

"The job of an advocate is to win cases. The job of an adviser is to be right. To regard the government as a client is correct when the attorney general is called on to act for the government in litigation. It is not correct when his role is to advise in advance of a serious decision."

Spot on, in my opinion.

The job of an adviser is to be right.

Another issue which Chilcot ought to pursue with the embattled former Attorney General.

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