Thursday, 20 February 2014

Death of Dr. David Kelly - Conduct of Deputy Assistant Commissioner Helen Ball

On 28th October 2010 I reported to Thames Valley Police that I believed  it was likely that Dr. David Kelly had been murdered.

I did so on the basis of my examination of the postmortem and toxicology reports released on 22nd October 2010 by the Ministry of Justice.

Thames Valley Police allocated the Unique Reference Number 514 of 28th October 2010.

Subsequently both I and the late Brian Spencer wrote to Thames Valley Police on that and related matters.

At no time since 28th October 2010 has Thames Valley Police taken a statement from me with respect to URN 514 of 28th October 2010.

In light of the extensive correspondence with Chief Constable Sara Thornton, Deputy Chief Constable Francis Habgood and Assistant Chief Constable Helen Ball and their failures to act as I believed honest and competent Police officers had a duty to act I concluded that these officers had jointly and severally perverted the course of justice.

Today, I posted a copy of a formal complaint about the conduct of Deborah Glass, IPCC Commissioner here:

FUQQ.EU Deborah Glass - Is Deborah Glass a fit person to be an IPCC Commissioner?

Contained in that letter of complaint is brief reference to how "serious corruption" by the former Assistant Chief Constable Helen Ball has been concealed both by very senior officers in the Metropolitan Police Service and has been concealed by the IPCC.

The coven of cover-up in the highest echelons of the Independent Police Complaints Commision is of great concern to me.

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