Saturday, 22 February 2014

The Death of Dr. David Kelly - Dominic Grieve's lies to Parliament - the supporting documents

On 9th June 2011 Dominic Grieve QC MP lied to the United Kingdom House of Commons about the cause of death of Dr. David Kelly.

Some four weeks previously I had written to Mr. Grieve informing him that a senior Police officer in Thames Valley Police had lied in his evidence to the Hutton Inquiry.

The officer who lied to the Hutton Inquiry was then Assistant Chief Constable Michael Page of Thames Valley Police.

Mr. Grieve did not disclose the existence of that information to the House of Commons.

In his "never mind the quality feel the width" speech to the House of Commons Mr. Grieve cited a bundle of documents as supporting his dishonest conclusion that there was no basis on which the High Court could order a new inquest into the death of Dr. David Kelly.

The document bundle was removed from the website of the Attorney General's Office some time ago.

Today I stumbled on it in the National Archives here:

[ARCHIVED CONTENT] - Dr. David Kelly

Here is what I posted on 9th June 2011 about Mr. Grieve's dishonest statement to the House of Commons:

The Death of David Kelly - A shameful and appalling cover-up by a dishonest Attorney General


  1. I support this blogger as it queries the fact that we have questions to ask about Tony Blair who gets away continually with his several Roles that are far from 'innocent' he should be sent to the ICC

  2. Trailer for a feature length documentary on the Chilcot Inquiry: