Monday, 15 November 2010

The death of Dr. David Kelly - Is this Mr. Green's report?

When browsing the Hutton Inquiry web site again today I spotted the following undisclosed document.

Copy forensic submission - not for release - Police operational information TVP/7/0093 - 0096

That's located here: Thames Valley Police Evidence.

Is that document the undisclosed report of Mr. Roy Green, forensic biologist?

It seems likely that it may be.


  1. Andrew,
    I think this document may well have been asked for, but it would come under one of the many exceptions listed in Kenneth Clarkes letter to the solicitors Leigh Day & Co:

  2. Frank,

    I wasn't aware of the Leigh Day correspondence. Thanks for the link.

    Yes, I think there's a significant chance that Kenneth Clarke refused to disclose the Roy Green report, as that letter is worded.

    I had previously considered Ken Clarke to be a surefooted politician.

    I think that refusal may yet come to haunt him.

    In my view there is no prospect of the questions about the death of David Kelly "going away" while HM Government continues to conceal material evidence.

    The charade that was the Hutton Inquiry means that Kenneth Clarke would now need to disclose much more than might otherwise have been the case, if he hopes for "closure" on this matter.

  3. Kenneth Clarke says that some information (section 31 of the FoI) is not disclosed because it is likely to prejudict the administration of justice . What does this mean?