Thursday, 12 May 2011

The Death of David Kelly - The lack of inquiry into the identity of the "dark actors"

One of the snippets of information that fascinated journalists in July 2003 was the mention of "many dark actors playing games" in an email sent by David Kelly to Judith Miller on 17th July 2003 here: E Mail from Dr Kelly 17 July 03.

Who were the dark actors?

We don't know.

One reason we don't know is that, so far as can be established from the Hutton Inquiry web site, the Hutton Inquiry didn't ask.

There is no witness statement from Judith Miller.

Judith Miller didn't appear as a witness at the Hutton Inquiry. Nor is there evidence that she was asked.

Wouldn't it have been interesting to hear her answer to a question like, "Do you have any information as to who the dark actors mentioned by Dr. Kelly might be?"?

If Judith Miller had something substantive to say in response to such a question wouldn't that have been front page news?

Nor is there evidence that Thames Valley Police thought to ask the question. Nor any evidence that Thames Valley Police interviewed Judith Miller.

Someone with a suspicious mind might almost imagine that Lord Hutton and Thames Valley Police wished the identity of the "dark actors" to remain in obscurity.

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  1. I’m fairly sure the dark actors were also script writers, the people that tell the story that we are meant to hear. If you use Northern Ireland as an analogy there were two types of intelligence gathering / disseminating going on (more than two actually but the explanation gets a bit complicated).

    First the “normal” spooks and informers that you might expect to find in any democracy and secondly “the dark actors” In NI these were British soldiers / agents who were trusted (some of the time) members of both the IRA and UDA. Planning and carrying out, on behalf of the British government murder and skulduggery.

    David Kelly was, I believe, a “normal” operator in Iraq, he received intelligence, made sense of it, and reported his conclusions. But was Dr Kelly getting true intelligence? No he wasn’t and he was becoming aware of that fact.

    The ISG were receiving fabricated intelligence made to look authentic, with the help of Rockingham, ICG, CIC and WHIG what was intended to reach DIS and SIS did and if some actual “real” intelligence slipped through that put a different gloss on events, that were unhelpful then there were always people like Scarlett who could modify the finished product.

    Dr Kelly and many more had been conned but he had become aware of this. His meeting with Gilligan revealed that Gilligan had access to individuals in Iraq, members of the regime, that our security services did not, this surely got alarm bells ringing.

    Gabriella’s concerns ( )

    shows that Dr Kelly was wising up to what was going on, not only that he was talking to journalists about his concerns he was writing a book that had the potential to blow the hoax out of the water.

    It wasn’t the dark actors that killed Dr Kelly, he was though, killed because of them.