Thursday, 9 June 2011

The Death of David Kelly - The documents that the Attorney General is relying on

In my previous post, The Death of David Kelly - A shameful and appalling cover-up by a dishonest Attorney General I expressed my severe criticism of the Attorney General's statement to the House of Commons earlier today.

The Attorney General has put online the documents on which he is relying for his statement.

An overview of the Attorney General's decision is here: Death of Dr David Kelly: Attorney General will not apply for fresh inquest.

The extensive supporting documents are here: Dr David Kelly.


  1. The timing of Paul Chapman's police statement is interesting (9.15am) regarding the position of the body.

    I wonder why Mr Grieve hasn't published the full statement that Mr Chapman gave at the police station, where he spent half the day.

    No Mr Grieve, you've been found out.

  2. The "Three Men in Black" story was nice, but I thought the police did not begin their search until DCI Young got out of bed.

  3. From "The position of the body when found"

    ix Finally, common sense must find its place in this investigation, what possible purpose, in furtherance of any conspiracy theory, would DC Coe have in moving the body, particularly after it hadalready been found by civilian searchers?

    Well the obvious purpose is to avoid a conflict at a post mortem investigation if as proved the case, livor mortis indicated that the body had been flat on its back after death.

    So if the body was found sat / slumped against a tree then we can be certain Dr Kelly was not in that position at the time of his death.

    Also the vomit marks indicate that Lord Hutton's photo of the corpse with its head and shoulders slumped against the base of a tree was staged.

    The murderers of Dr Kelly may never be brought to justice but those guilty of the cover up should be very worried, including Mr Dominic Grieve.

  4. Sorry but this is still bugging me,

    "whilst all the witnesses bar two gave evidence to the inquiry that Dr Kelly was found lying on his back but as the photographs show his head very close to the truck of a tree"

    Clearly Mr Grieve has seen photographs of the body in a different position to the photograph that Lord Hutton said he had seen.

    Also only two witnesses could give evidence as to the position the body was in when they found it. Mr Grieve is obfuscating the evidence when he says

    "all the witnesses bar two gave evidence to the inquiry that Dr Kelly was found lying on his back"

    They did not, what they said was the body was on its back when they saw it, NOT when it was found.

    This is clear evidence that the Attorney General is part of a conspiracy to pervert the course of justice.

  5. LL,

    Re your most recent point ...

    Dominic Grieve certainly could have expressed himself better on the point you discuss.

    The position of the body is a very interesting issue. Some of the new evidence contradicts information stated in the Hutton Report.

    I'm still in process of reading the mountain of documents released today. Currently there seems to be a very significant discrepancy, but that needs to be cross-checked in more detail.