Wednesday, 20 July 2011

The Death of Sean Hoare - Article in the Independent

I have made no decision about whether, on an ongoing basis, to start blogging about the death of Sean Hoare the "whistleblower" about the alleged phone hacking by News of the World and possibly other News International staff.

However, I am struck by the similarities in this article in the Independent, Martin Hickman: Was Sean Hoare killed by the Murdoch empire? The short answer is no, to some of the early press coverage of the supposed "suicide" of David Kelly.

As Mr Hickman correctly points out in his article about the death of Sean Hoare, "we do not yet have all the facts".

Yet there are, in close parallel with the David Kelly "suicide", stories planted in the press that imply or hint that Sean Hoare committed suicide even before a postmortem examination was carried out.

It's almost as if the press and Hertfordshire Police are working together in a manner similar to how Thames Valley Police appear to have planted the "suicide" of David Kelly in the media at a time on 18th July 2003 when it wasn't possible legitimately to have done so.

Was Sean Hoare murdered?

It's too early to tell.

Will the full truth ever come out?

I'm not holding my breath.


  1. The following article in the Guardian, Sean Hoare postmortem results confirm death not suspicious, has almost eery similarities to the July 2003 press coverage of the death of David Kelly.

    There is, supposedly, "no evidence of third-party involvement".

    Isn't it second party involvement that is most directly relevant with respect to an unexplained death?

  2. Toxicology tests after death of whistleblower will take weeks is a headline in the Independent. It continues:
    "Such examinations can often take up to three weeks.
    Dr Kelly's toxicology tests took three days to complete.

    In reality, several more tests which proved little were carried out subsequently by Dr Allan but his main report was dated 21 July 2003 after the death on 18 July. I am not clear why the water bottle next to him was not forwarded to him by Thames Valley Police for analysis until four days after his first report when it was a likely candidate for containing poisons.

    Incidentally, why might Dr Kelly not have eaten sufficient carbohydrates in the DAYS before his death according to Dr Allen??

  3. What I didn't mention in the below article was several eye witness reports of a helicopter hovering over the area of Sean's residence which had infrared equipment on the nose. Checks with aviation authority revealed there were no authorised helicopter flights in that area on that night/morning.

    This was published on the Irish Independent. The website was removed not long after. Amazingly no other outlet I contacted would publish it.