Thursday, 27 January 2011

The Death of Dr. David Kelly - The Gary P. Hayes Award

The Gary P. Hayes Award is an award of the Police Executive Research Forum of the United States.

Only one policeman from outside the United States appears on the list of recipients of the Gary P. Hayes Award from 1986 - 2009.

That recipient is Peter Neyroud.

Peter Neyroud was Chief Constable of Thames Valley Police in 2003.

Peter Neyroud received his award for 2003.

The award appears to be awarded retrospectively. The Press Release announcing the award to Peter Neyroud is dated 22nd April 2004.

Is this timing merely a somewhat unfortunate coincidence?

Or, early in 2004, does someone in the United States have particular reason to say "Thank you" to the Chief Constable of Thames Valley Police?


  1. Andrew,

    I notice from your link that recipients of the Gary P. Hayes award are chosen by past winners. Clearly Chief Neyroud is some sort of legend among all those top US cops.
    Another quote from the link:
    Gary P. Hayes, spent considerable time collaborating with colleagues in the United Kingdom
    I don't find any UK connections in this biographical link of Gary Prescott Hayes.

  2. Andrew,

    It appears Peter Neyroud had spent some time in the USA:


  3. Frank

    The article is dated 2009 and seems to relate to Mr Neyroud helping clear up some unsolved murders by DNA techniques,as I interpret it, more recently than 2004. A shame his force did a Keystone Cops investigation into the Crime Scene at Harrowdown Hill. Or perhaps was prevented from doing a proper one?