Thursday, 27 January 2011

The Death of Dr. David Kelly - Were the Kellys in North Cornwall?

Further information about the possible location of David and Janice Kelly in Cornwall in July 2003 appeared on the Southend Leaks web site a short time ago.

The article is entitled Release Three.

For convenience, I reproduce the claim as it currently exists on the Southend Leaks web site.

Dr. David Kelly - Release Three

According to eyewitnesses the Kellys spent some time in North Cornwall during their sojourn to the West Country. They say they saw the Kellys at a secluded farmhouse there and felt they were resident.

The Kellys and the de Haans - Part One

Dr. David Kelly was seen at Higher Tresmorn Farmhouse in Crackington Haven, North Cornwall, a few days before he was found dead on Harrowdown Hill. He was in a distressed state. He was with his concerned wife and an unknown young woman, according to eyewitnesses.

At the time Higher Tresmorn Farmhouse offered holiday cottages to rent and these were administered by Mrs. Emma de Haan, at Thameside Cottage, Church Lane, Longworth, Oxfordshire.

At the time, Andrew de Haan lived at and managed Thames Side Farm in Longworth, Oxfordshire.

Within the boundaries of Thames Side Farm lies Harrowdown Hill.

Part two will be released tomorrow.

Given that the supposed witness(es) and the proprietor(s) of the Southend Leaks web site are all anonymous at the present time I think it's not unfair to examine it as if it were an anonymous tip off.

A quick search of the Internet confirms that Emma de Haan exists and it appears that she currently runs the Higher Tresmorn operation as a resident. There is evidence that she previously lived at Thameside Cottage, Longworth in 2003.

So, at a minimum, there appears to be some credible background content in the claim.

However each of the following points is, so far as I can see, no more than unsubstantiated claim at present:

1. That David Kelly was the man observed to be distressed.

2. That there was a young woman with the couple asserted to be David and Janice Kelly.

3. That the Kellys were present at Higher Tresmorn Farm.

4. That the Kellys were staying at Higher Tresmorn Farm.

It is also unclear on what date(s) the eyewitness(es) observed the couple and the young woman at Higher Tresmorn Farm.

It will be interesting to read tomorrow's installment to see if any weight is added to the claim that the Kellys were seen at Higher Tresmorn Farm.

In the context of the "Kelly Affair" it might be relevant to comment that a combined Bed and Breakfast / Self Catering Accomodation complex would be ideal "cover" for a possible safe house. An ongoing pattern of unfamiliar faces coming and going would be the norm.

Also, Higher Tresmorn Farm is only a few miles from GCHQ Bude (Morwenstow), a potentially suitable, highly secure location for David Kelly to be interviewed, interrogated and/or coached for his upcoming appearances before the Foreign Affairs Committee and/or Intelligence and Security Committees in July 2003.

Currently, I am unaware of any specific evidence to suggest that Higher Tresmorn Farm may be (or have been) a "safe house". Equally, I am unaware of any direct evidence that David Kelly entered GCHQ Bude. Such considerations are, currently, no more than speculation.


  1. As I said, in contradiction of the Southend Leaks site, I can't find Janice Kelly being on record as saying she ever stayed in Mevagissey. It is only nuanced, then set in stone by Lord Hutton. Please say if I am wrong...

  2. Felix,

    You're right to question whether or not it was clear that Janice Kelly stayed in Mevagissey or not.

    In the transcript of Janice Kelly's evidence take a look at pages 35 to 37.

    They walk to the harbour, buy a Sunday Times, make phone calls and David Kelly drives off at 11.30. The implication (and I acknowledge it's implicit rather than explicit) is that David Kelly leaves Janice Kelly in Mevagissey.

    Nowhere does Janice Kelly explicitly say, "And I stayed in Mevagissey" but, I suggest, her wording is distinctly odd if that isn't what happened.

  3. I seen todays "release" (fri) and I suspect I can see where this is going; an establishment plot that relies on brainwashing / hypnosis, possibly a trigger word delivered in DK's last telephone call to get DK to go and kill himself.

    I'm not buying it! The body was moved, the left wrist / arm re-arranged on a number of occasions.

    What I am sure will happen as pressure mounts on the Attorney General to send an application to the High Court is that more hysteria will be generated to discredit the "conspiracy theory cranks".

    One thing is certain David Kelly did not deserve to die in the manner he did and those responsible for the cover up are as guilty of serious crime as those that caused his death. Those people may have imunity from prosecution but they do not have imunity from the truth being made public.

  4. LanchashreLad,

    Friday's "release" is, as you imply, a bit of anticlimax. All it really seems to say is that the visitor book at the nearby church seems to have gone missing in July 2003.

    If the Southend Leaks source(s) can show that the Kellys were at Higher Tresmorn Farm on relevant dates that's certainly interesting. The missing visitor book is a curiosity. Perhaps an interesting curiosity but no more.

    For the moment we, in my view, simply have anonymous claims.

  5. This person contacted me some time ago with the same information about Emma de Haan and the farm. While it's certainly interesting as far as it goes, it's important to take into account Rod Godfrey's (Mr A's) evidence about Dr Kelly seeing him for an hour in his Swindon garden during those 3 crucial hours (9am - 12am) when the Kelly's were supposedly driving from Weston Super Mare to Mevagissey. If Godfrey is right, and he volunteered he didn't understand Mrs Kelly's chronology, then Dr Kelly probably never went to Cornwall - only Mrs Kelly did. So this latest story wouldn't add up.

  6. Rowena, if they both did go to N Cornwall the chronology is better (by about 30 - 45 minutes as a guess) than going to Mevagissey. Still not really good enough though if Mrs Kelly is right about the noon or just after time. The optimum route they might have taken in North Cornwall is surprisingly good and with no built up areas to contend with, just the last 2-3 miles to the cottage along country lanes.

  7. Maybe Dr Kelly had intended to go to his meeting at Porton Down and put his wife on a train in Weston Super Mare and agreed to meet her in cornwall later then changed his mind about going to Salisbury. But this does not explain why Mrs K misled the inquiry on this point.

    Also Olivia Bosch's evidence does seem to corroborate with Mrs K's over their telephone conversation. And Sarah Pape's reference to the STD dialling code on her caller display is fairly conclusive evidence that Dr Kelly was in Mevagissey that first evening unless someone was playing tricks or she lied.

    Mrs K's statement that they walked into Mevagissey and bought a paper would also have to be the work of fiction. If she had stayed in N Cornwall with or without DK why would she say they stayed in Mevagissey?

  8. LL
    The 01726 STD code covers a wide area of Cornwall around St Austell. There used to be a booklet in which one could look up STD Codes of villages and towns throughout the UK.(Dr Pape alludes to a booklet, not the internet) I fail to see how that translates back to Mevagissey - Dr Pape is unrelated to Mrs Kelly,so it is stretching the imagination that this is what happened:
    "We have a small book that gives all the STD codes in it and I looked it up and realised it was a number in Mevagissey. I suddenly realised then that Janice had friends who had a holiday cottage in Mevagissey and I thought that is very logical, that is where they have gone"

    And why a land line anyway? And did Pape ask him /did Dr Kelly tell her where he was? Why ever not?
    It is fiction.

  9. At approx 10.15 pm on Thursday 10th July, Professor Roger Avery spoke to Dr Kelly at Weston super Mare. That means Dr Kelly spent two nights in Weston. Who knows where Mrs Kelly went. More convenient too for the round trip to Roderick Godfrey.

    The exchange of Olivia Bosch at the Hutton Inquiry is a hoot. She is tied up in knots. It appears from what she said that Dr Kelly was pulled over whilst driving (by Mod Plod?), and Hutton has to rescue the situation, (first Bosch says the 8th, then the 7th July) by putting the words Lay-by into her mouth!
    Bosch keeps using the word would have which normally sets alarm bells ringing for me. Best ignored. See what she says of the phone call to the Kellys on the evening of 9th July:
    I am not sure if he was in a car or a train but he was moving, yes. He was on the road or whatever, yes.
    What time was this?
    Around 7-ish or so, 7/8 -- 7-ish.
    according to Bosch.
    No, doesn't fit in with anything.