Tuesday, 25 January 2011

The Death of Dr. David Kelly - Southend Leaks

Readers of this blog may find it interesting to keep an eye on a new web site called Southend Leaks.

The second snippet of information on the Southend Leaks site claims that the Kellys were (staying) in North Cornwall in July 2003. See The Kellys were in North Cornwall. (Janice Kelly claimed in her testimony to Hutton that they were staying in Mevagissey, in South Cornwall.)

Tantalisingly, readers will have to wait for two days to get access to the supporting evidence.

An unusual approach.

However, many who have looked at the testimony from Janice Kelly to Hutton about the events of 9th July 2003 to 18th July 2003 have been left with uncomfortable doubts about its accuracy.

Brian Spencer got to the heart of the most relevant question in the title of this recent post: Did Mrs Kelly lie at the Hutton Inquiry?.

My suspicion is that the answer to Brian's question is "Yes".

In a couple of days we may learn if there is worthwhile new evidence shedding light on the discrepancies about the trip to Cornwall.


  1. If the Kellys did in fact go to North Cornwall and at no stage went to Mevagissey then not only would Mrs Kelly be lying but Rachel and Mrs Pape too.

  2. Andrew/Brian

    If you read the Mrs Kelly/Pape examination at the Hutton Inquiry, they are very carefull led away from mentioning where they stayed, in fact they don't actually say the Kellys stay in or near Mevagissey. This is a clever smokescreen to draw us away from the real purpose of visiting Cornwall. It is certainly not to escape journalists (allegedly).

    When I think of North Cornwall, GCHQ Bude at Morwenstow immediately springs to mind, and it is much nearer Weston-super-Mare than Mevagissey. Perhaps the Kellys did have friends in or near Mevagissey or bought a paper there. Who knows.

    Morwenstow is a wireless station with extra intercept capacity for GCHQ. I am very impressed it is on Google Street view.
    Perhaps the Kellys owned a cottage in North Cornwall - Mrs Kelly talks about going home for lunch.

    Mr Dingemans asks "What is that (The Eden Project)?"
    He might have well asked who the Beatles were.

  3. What I do notice is that it is Lord Hutton who imputes information.
    This is how Mr Dingemans leads Mrs Kelly away from mentioning where they go to:
    "the place you were driving to in Cornwall"
    Mrs Kelly avoids mentioning Mevagissey until mid-Sunday morning,July 13 where they buy a paper (allegedly).
    Rachel Kelly avoids mentioning Mevagissey altogether although Dr Pate (somehow, I haven't quite figured out this bit of STD code crystal ball gazing) only assumes that the Kellys are staying with friends of Mrs Kelly in Mevagissey on Friday evening ,11 July.
    I suddenly realised then that Janice had friends who had a holiday cottage in Mevagissey and I thought that is very logical, that is where they have gone."
    Highly logical, Mr Spock.

    Now this is what Lord Hutton translates this as:
    Dr and Mrs Kelly spent the 11 and 12 July at the house of friends in Cornwall.
    It does not follow from the evidence, and in any case it is deliberately vague.