Tuesday, 16 August 2011

The Death of David Kelly - Sara Thornton seemingly not to apply for Commissioner's post

When I last posted about the future of Sara Thornton on 18th July, The Death of David Kelly - The future of Chief Constable Sara Thornton , the media were reporting that she was favourite to replace Sir Paul Stephenson as Metropolitan Police Commissioner.

Today, the Evening Standard, Leading woman candidate drops out of race for Met's top job, reports that "Sara Thornton, the chief constable of Thames Valley and previously seen as one of the most likely contenders, is now said to be unwilling to run" for the post of Commissioner.

The Evening Standard doesn't make the connection that Sara Thornton's reluctance to apply for the Commissioner's job may relate to the concerns expressed by myself and others that she has taken part in a process of perverting the course of justice with respect to the death of Dr. David Kelly.

Perhaps the recent labelling by an MP of a former senior Metropolitan Police officer as a "dodgy geezer" showed to Ms Thornton that skeletons can exit cupboards unpredictably and without warning.

If it were to be demonstrated that Sara Thornton had participated in perverting the course of justice that would make her a very dodgy geezer-ess indeed!


  1. I have just seen this regarding Sara Thornton on the Guardian website 'Explaining her decision not to apply, Sara Thornton in a statement said: "There has been much speculation over the last few weeks about whether I might make an application for the role of the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Service. While it is flattering to be considered suitable for such an important role I have decided not to apply."

  2. That's not an explanation!

    Also, to be loved by David Cameron would not have endeared her to Boris Johnson. Neither would a previous excursion onto the pages of the Cops' favourite read, the Daily Mail.

  3. Brian's quote appears here: Met police chief job applications close with at least four in the running.

    As Felix says, Sara Thornton's statement is not an explanation.

    For the avoidance of doubt, I wish to inform Sara Thornton that I, for one, do not consider her suitable to be Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police.

    I wonder whether any of her assumed supporters would continue to consider her "suitable" if they were aware of her actions with respect to the cover-up of the murder of David Kelly.