Thursday, 18 August 2011

The Death of Dr. David Kelly - DC Coe agrees with Louise Holmes that the head and shoulders were against the tree

In an article in The Mail on Sunday of 8th August 2010 the former DC Coe is quoted as saying the following: "As I got closer, I could see Dr. Kelly's body sideways on, with his head and shoulders against a large tree. He wasn't dead flat along the ground.".

This accords with the evidence given to the Hutton Inquiry by Louise Holmes and her written statement to Thames Valley Police. See page 1 of Annex TVP 3 The position of the body when found.

Other witnesses have the body flat on the ground.

Yet, Dominic Grieve QC seeks to maintain his illogical and dishonest opinion that the body wasn't moved.


  1. In Annex TVP 1 we learn that TVP interviewed Coe on 25 August 2010 regarding the presence of "the third man". Logically one would think that they would also ask him about the body position as he describes it in the article. I have been told that they did not!

    Was this ordinary everyday incompetence on their part or deliberate prearranged incompetence?

  2. Brian,

    With respect to the Thames Valley Police investigation of the suspicious death of David Kelly you might want to consider the possibility that it was everyday deliberate prearranged incompetence.

    Another term for that might be "perverting the course of justice".