Thursday, 18 August 2011

The Death of David Kelly - Who classified Mr Green's report as "Restricted"?

One of the documents made public for the first time by the Attorney general is the report by the forensic biologist Mr. Roy Green: Roy Green forensic statement 27 September 2003.

The document is classified as "Restricted".

Who classified it?

When was it classified?

If you right click on the document and choose Document Properties you will see that the document was modified on 8th June 2011.

Who modified the document on 8th June?

What modifications were made?

One thing we can be sure of the document that was made public by the Attorney General is not the original document.

Maybe the change(s) made were innocent.

The opposite possibility also exists.


  1. From memory all police statements are classified restricted (when signed) the date appears to be the day before Grieve's statement so may just be computer generated when it was printed.

    I have a copy modified 09/06/2011 @12.54, I'll be happy to email it if you want to check it for changes, I can't get access to this doc on the AG site at the moment to check it.

  2. Definitely not the original doc this one refers to criminal procedure rules 2005 and printed on 2006/7 stationary.

    I don't think there is anything sinister here just the file was printed out in 2006/7 before it was scanned as a pdf, that's my guess.

  3. LL,

    It's possible that there is nothing sinister. I accept that.

    Equally, the fact that what is being "sold" by Grieve's office as the report is actually a copy modified in unknown ways leaves open the possibility of all sorts of tampering.