Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Three more UK soldiers die as terrorists in Aghanistan

Sadly, another three young British men have died as terrorists in Afghanistan in Gordon Brown's illegal military operations.

What kind of taste will it leave in the mouths of the relatives of the dead, knowing that Gordon Brown knows his war is terrorism and is willing to allow more young men to throw their lives away in Mr Brown's criminal enterprise?

How angry will those relatives be knowing that Mr Brown knows that he's acting unlawfully?

How many young men will lose their limbs tomorrow in Afghanistan in Gordon Brown's unlawful terrorist war?

Gordon Brown should be ashamed and stop.

I'll repost the text of my petition to Mr Brown which"evaporated" from the Number 10 web site:

Your petition reads:

We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to Cease
offences under the Terrorism Act 2000 in Afghanistan

We view the military action in Afghanistan as constituting
"terrorism" as defined in the meaning of Section 1 of the
Terrorism Act 2000.

The consequence of that is that the Prime Minister is

committing criminal offences under Section 56 of the Terrorism
Act 2000.

Put simply, please stop. Don't allow any more young men to die

in uniorm as terrorists.

In addition, more than £10bn of public money has, we believe,

been spent unlawfully.

Please stop that too.

I don't want any more young men to die as terrorists in Afghanistan.

Mr Brown you've caused more than enough pain in Afghanistan with your illegal terrorist operation. For information on its illegality see here: "The Use of armed force by UK military personnel has been unlawful in UK law since 20th July 2000"

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