Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Well, I wonder how this will all work out

A few minutes ago I created a Facebook "Cause" also called "Chilcot's Cheating Us" to allow the UK public (and anyone else who is interested or has something useful to contribute) to explore the limitations of the Iraq Inquiry (also called The Chilcot Inquiry) in finding and disclosing the truth about the Iraq War.

I'm intending this blog to allow me to post some summary information about ideas and questions that already interest me relating immediately or more widely to the Iraq Inquiry. I also want to use this blog to capture and summarise important points from any discussion on the Facebook Cause (which has currently has exactly 1 member - me!).

In other words, once I get past these initial setting up hurdles this blog should be the "textbook", the "resource" for ideas and questions and the Facebook Cause will be where (if anyone else joins) ideas, views, opinions, prejudices, insights ... the whole panoply of stuff human minds produce ... will be tossed around. With the aim of getting closer to the truth about the Iraq War and making it harder and harder for Chilcot to go on cheating us. We can do it!

I wonder how it will all work out. Will the Facebook Cause mushroom or will I sit there in glorious (or inglorious) isolation? Will it be a 5 minute wonder or take over my life? Will it be useful to others? Will it change anything in the real world?

Time will tell.

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