Monday, 18 April 2011

The Death of David Kelly - Contemporary videos on

There are a number of interesting videos relevant to the death of Dr. David Kelly on the website here: 2003 Compilation.

You will need to scroll down a long way to reach the relevant video clips.

Clip 52 is a videeo from 18th July 2003 which includes of (part of) an interview with Tom Mangold. Note that Mangold invents the use of "mug" and "prat" applied to Dr. Kelly by the Foreign Affairs committee, perhaps demonstrating the limitations of the reliability of Mangold as a witness or source in this context.

Clip 52 also includes a brief shot of the hearse, presumably in Longworth village.

It also mentions that David Kelly had complained to his wife about his treatment. Who told ITN that? Janice Kelly? Tom Mangold? Someone else?

Someone, it seems, had disclosed to the media conversations between David and Janice Kelly.

Clip 53 shows Tony Blair arriving in Tokyo (from Washington) on 19th July 2003.

Clip 59 from 6th August 2003 shows some coverage of the funeral of David Kelly. The first shot seems to show David Kelly's three daughters and their partners arriving. Later Lord Hutton and James Dingemans (counsel to the Hutton Inquiry) are shown arriving.

Clip 73 from 29th August 2003 relates to the resignation of Alastair Campbell and includes an interview with him. Nothing I see there alters my opinion of Alastair Campbell, that he is a psychopath with excellent communication skills.

Clip 77 from 25th September 2003 relates to the final day of the evidence-taking part of the Hutton Inquiry (apart from Kevin Tebbitt's evidence taken on 13th October 2003) and includes extracts from the closing oral submissions of some of the QCs including the QC who represented the Kelly family.

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