Wednesday, 20 April 2011

The Death of David Kelly - Who is Paul Loftus? What is L&DR?

Some time back I posted about some seemingly minor discrepancies in David Kelly's emails sent on 17th July 2003: The death of David Kelly - Seemingly trivial discrepancies in emails on 17th July 2003.

Many of the emails have "Paul Loftus" with "LD&R-Lon" or "LDR-Lon" in the header.

Who is Paul Loftus?

What is L&DR-Lon?

I can find no information on a Paul Loftus in Thames Valley Police.


  1. You could take a look at this

    It appears that Paul Loftus worked at a legal firm Clifford Chance LLP at the time and they had a Litigation and Dispute Resolution Deepartment in London L&DR-Lon

    If it is the same Paul Loftus the "Introduction" of the above doc probably explains why he got the job re Hutton thing.

    If the doc goes missing I've got a copy if I go missing ............ well have a drink on me.

  2. Thanks, Lancashire Lad.

    I knew, for lawyers, L&DR is Litigation and Dispute Resolution.

    But I'd nothing to connect Paul Loftus to the Hutton Inquiry.

    However, Martin Smith (solicitor to the Hutton Inquiry) worked for Clifford Chance LLP.

    So, it looks like the "files from the home computer" have been processed and possibly filtered by the solicitors to the Inquiry.

  3. Clifford Chance were appointed as Solicitors to the inquiry in order "that public confidence would be best served by the appointment of an independent firm of solicitors."

    Clifford Chance have gone on to be a major player as legal advisors to the financial industry. A search of "Clifford Chance" in Google "News" category gives an idea of the sort of thing they get up to these days.

    I don't know if it is the same Paul Loftus that went on to become Senior Legal Counsel, Barclays Group Litigation but the interesting case of Dean Richard Wilson vs Barclays Bank

    Demonstrates the talents that an an L&DR specialist must have to protect their client or in the case of Barclays, employer.

    As I say (to avoid confusion or litigation) I don't know if the Paul Loftus on the emails is the same Paul Loftus at Clifford Chance and/or Barclays.

    I just thought it was interesting.

  4. Another interesting whos who on the legal front at Hutton can be read here

    And here

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