Wednesday, 8 June 2011

The Death of David Kelly - The anticipated meeting with Terence Taylor

Terence Taylor of the International Institute of Strategic Studies was the first to give oral testimony to the Hutton Inquiry, on the morning of Monday 11th August 2003.

Mr. Taylor, like Dr. Kelly, had been involved in the UNSCOM inspection process in the 1990s.

Mr. Taylor spoke to David Kelly during the weekend of Friday 11th to Sunday 13th July 2003, arranging to meet him the following weekend.

From page 10 of Mr. Taylor's testimony:

7 Q. When was your last dealing with Dr Kelly, your last
8 contact with Dr Kelly?
9 A. My last contact was -- I think it was about four days
10 before his death, and I spoke to him by telephone and
11 from the United States because I was coming to the
12 United Kingdom and I was discussing plans in order to
13 meet him after -- at the weekend, the following weekend,
14 which would have been -- I am searching my memory --
15 would have been the weekend of 20th July. We were
16 planning to meet, as I was passing nearby his house on
17 my way to visit my younger daughter.

If David Kelly were meeting an old colleague two or three days later surely it is inconceivable that he would have committed suicide on 17th July 2003, when he was alleged to have done.

In any case, any pressure from Parliamentary questions which David Kelly saw on the morning of 17th July would have been slight since they didn't need to be answered until September.

Mr. Taylor and Dr. Kelly knew each other pretty well. Mr. Taylor had stayed at the Kelly home in June 2003 (perhaps the weekend of Friday 13th June to Sunday 15th June). From page 11 of his testimony:

6 previous contact, I actually stayed with him at his
7 house which was about three to four weeks before this
8 particular time.
9 Q. When you stayed with him, how was he then?
10 A. He seemed to me to be in what I would describe as
11 a normal state of mind as someone I had known for
12 16 years and I did not detect any discernible
13 difference. We spoke about the Iraq issues in very
14 general terms. He was speaking about his daughter's
15 forthcoming wedding in October. I have daughters too,
16 so we exchanged as friends on these kind of issues. He
17 seemed to be in a very normal state of mind, bearing in
18 mind this was about a month before this particular awful
19 incident.


  1. If he stayed at the Kelly home, why did neither Mrs Kelly nor Rachel Kelly mention the fact? Moreover Rachel Kelly says:
    " I saw him [her father], I believe, on 14th June.
    Q. And healthwise how was he feeling and looking?
    A. I did not see him that long. Mum and I were out all day

    which seems to rule out Terry Taylor visiting on Friday night /Saturday 14th June 2003.

  2. Dr Kelly flew to New York on the morning of Sunday 15 June by, if you believe the diary, Virgin Atlantic (of the well documented belt pouch found on the body at Harrowdown Hill) flight VS03. Dr Kelly had only arrived back from Kuwait on Wednesday 11 June.
    He returned by Virgin Atlantic flight VS10
    From the computer diary, Kelly apparently attended a Johns Hopkins University "summer school" in Baltimore, Maryland for three days. Strangely, his desk diary does not mention the Johns Hopkins Summer school. why?
    Is this perhaps a reference to The Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health will hold its 2003 Graduate Summer Institute of Epidemiology and Biostatistics from June 16 to July 4, 2003??? Did Dr Kelly attend??
    Janice Kelly says
    "Within two or three days he had gone off to Baltimore where --
    Q. Do you know what he was doing there?
    A. I think he was giving a speech at Johns Hopkins University.
    Q. Do you know what the speech was about?
    A. No.
    Q. When did he return from that?
    A. I am not absolutely certain. About 20th June
    No mention of Terry Taylor staying with the Kellys!
    Did his speech really take THREE DAYS in Baltimore??? That's longer than one of Fidel Castro!
    This is all very fishy.

    "Yes, he spent a day, I think I mentioned to you,[actually no] the seven hours in the paddock I think was at that particular time"