Saturday, 11 June 2011

The Death of David Kelly - A new problem for the "suicide believers"

The bundle of documents released by the Attorney General on 9th June 2011, Dr David Kelly , has thrown up a new problem for the "suicide believers".

The new evidence is that a photograph is said to show that the strap of the watch found at Harrowdown Hill is on top of the knife.

This evidence is mentioned at point 90 in the Schedule of responses to issues raised.


Dr Hunt relied on the removal of the watch as
indicative of suicide. However, DC Coe’s
evidence was that the watch was on top of the
knife. If that is correct that knife was not used
to make the cuts. This discrepancy was not

Dc Coe reported that when he first attended the scene he witnessed
Dr Kelly's watch as being "on top" of the knife. Dr Hunt sets out that
the knife was actually "adjacent" to Dr Kelly's watch. Photographs
taken show that both descriptions could be considered accurate as a
short section of the strap appears to rest on the handle of the knife
whilst the bulk of the watch is adjacent.

The problem I see is that if, as Dr. Hunt speculated, the watch was taken off to allow better access for the knife then it follows that the knife was in use after the watch was taken off and, presumably, laid on the ground.

If Dr. Hunt's speculation was correct then the knife should be on top of the watch.

But we're told that it's the other way round. Part of the watch strap is on top of the knife.

And that makes me doubt if Dr. Hunt's speculation has any basis in fact.


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  2. Trouble is, and one hates to be macabre, but one might have a look at the time at a time like that. Point or not?

  3. Not really, Mark.
    If you read the pathologist's report (new link here, the old one is broken) one can read Dr Hunt's report.

    "Lying near his left hand [by which relationship???] ,on the grass, was a black resin-strapped wristwatch, presumably a digital watch, lying face down and showing some bloodstaining.

    Lying adjacent to this was a white metal Sandvik pruning-type knife or gardener's knife....."

    It is extraordinary that if right-handed Dr Kelly commits suicide in that spot, he reaches across his body four times to make the first cuts, deposit the watch for the first time,(not sure where he puts the knife as he does that) deposit the knife finally and then decides to check the time of day all on the left side. And of course, places it neatly and unhelpfully face down finally. I think I'd have it all on the right. Ditto the water bottle and cap.
    Dr Hunt describes the body:
    "His left, upper arm was in a line with the shoulder, with his elbow flexed, and his left hand pointing down towards his feet."
    Notice too, the spectacles,keys,co-proxamol packetss and mobile phone were all put away in the right jacket pocket.

    Dr Hunt again:
    " The removal of the watch in this way and indeed the removal of the spectacles are features pointing towards this being an act of self-harm "

    What a botch up!