Saturday, 11 June 2011

The Death of David Kelly - When was Graham Coe's lie about "the third man" first recognised?

On the morning of Tuesday 16th September 2003 Detective Constable Graham Coe uttered an untruth at the Hutton Inquiry (pages 1 and 2):

20 A. On the route to Harrowdown Hill I met the two people
21 from the volunteer search team, a female and Mr Chapman.
22 Q. And what did they say to you?
23 A. Mr Chapman told me that they had found a body in the
24 woods.
25 Q. Who were you with at this time?

1 A. Detective Constable Shields.
2 Q. It is just the two of you?
3 A. Yes.

DC Coe makes the false statement that he was accompanied only by DC (Colin) Shields.

Yet the evidence of other witnesses was that two people accompanied DC Coe.

Who was the third man?

Thames Valley Police would like everyone to believe that it was an innocent mistake of no consequence.

If that were true why wasn't some brief corrective statement issued by Thames Valley Police years ago?

Did that ever happen?

I thought I should ask Thames Valley Police about their handling of the issue of DC Coe's false statement to the Hutton Inquiry.

I did so earlier today: FOI Request to Thames Valley Police re TVP handling of DC Coe's false statement to the Hutton Inquiry.

I'll be interested to learn what costs have been incurred by the public purse as a consequence of Thames Valley Police's failure promptly to be honest about this matter.


  1. Mr Coe's pants must be on fire but re-reading this from the Mail on Sunday 8th Aug 2010

    Made me smile, I know it's serious, but it still made me smile.

    ‘It was a dry, clear day but it was too early to be hot. There is a good canopy on the wood but you can see fine if there is daylight. I had to pick my way through brambles and nettles but it wasn’t impassable. ‘As I got closer, I could see Dr Kelly’s body sideways on, with his head and shoulders against a large tree. He wasn’t dead flat along the ground. If you wanted to die, you’d never lie flat out. But neither was he sat upright.’ Within a minute of getting to the body, he radioed in. He then guarded it alone for about 25 minutes until back-up arrived

    Not only does he confirm he lied at the Hutton inquiry re position of the body, he indicates that if it isn't good daylight visibility at the scene is poor (had he been there at twighlight?) and infers the route he took to the body was not the common approach path (sideways on not front facing)

  2. Coe's lies

    1) Accompanied by just one colleague then admits in a newspaper article he was with two

    2) Body lying flat o its back then in same article admits it was sat against a tree.

    3) Says climbed Harrowdown hill to get to the woods with only Paul Chapman (25th Aug 2010 Police statement), all other witnesses at the Hutton Inquiry have Coe plus two colleagues by the woods.

    It is a criminal offence to sign a police statement saying it is true when it isn't.