Thursday, 9 June 2011

The Death of David Kelly - Sky News is reporting that Dominic Grieve will deny an inquest

An announcement is expected from the Attorney General, Dominic Grieve, in the House of Commons today at 12.15.

Sky News is reporting that Dominic Grieve is expected to deny an inquest: David Kelly Inquest Expected To Be Denied.

Whichever decision Domiinic Grieve makes I expect it to be a career-defining decision for him.


  1. It was being reported at 1am, perhaps earlier. If true, one has to ask what is so very very special about this death that there CANNOT be an inquest into it.

  2. Felix,

    There is MUCH that is very special about the death of David Kelly.

    And that, in my view, is why the Hutton Inquiry covered up the true circumstances of the death of Dr. Kelly and why there has been so much resistance to calls to have the required inquest take place.

  3. I can't believe it :( The more this drags on, and the more desperate they become to protect the truth, the more I believe it wasn't an iraqi operation, and that our own govt had something to do with it...

    What about the wallpaper stripping?

    What about the Helicopter?

    What about the third policeman?

    What about the lack of pills in the stomach?

    What about no prints on anything?

    Why was Coe left alone with the body for 30 minutes?

    Why was the body moved?

    Why was the Mason report opened before he was found?

    Thorough inquest my arse. What can we do to keep this thing moving Andrew...

  4. Hi Harrow,

    Welcome to the blog and to the fight towards truth about what happened to Dr. David Kelly.

    Very clearly, Dominic Grieve wishes to conceal the truth about the murder of Dr. Kelly.

    The one point on which Mr. Grieve conceded that there was an error related, I think, to the time of death, a point which I drew to the attention of Thames Valley Police and the Attorney General some time ago.

    When a policeman tells you to "Move along there is nothing to see here" you can be sure that something interesting is happening.

    When an Attorney General takes the same approach it tells you that behind his back is a mountainous can of worms which he hopes you'll be stupid enough not to notice.

    Mr. Grieve is out of luck. His fluency in his fraudulent statement to the House of Commons failed to convince anyone who is familiar with the evidence.

    Blanket denials are an inadequate tool of official cover-up in the 21st Century.