Tuesday, 17 April 2012

The Death of David Kelly - e-Petition calling for Dominic Grieve to resign

Today I became aware of an e-petition calling on Dominic Grieve QC MP to resign.

See Resignation of Attorney General, Dominic Grieve.

For convenience, I here reproduce the text of the e-petition:

A call for the resignation of Attorney General, Dominic Grieve, over his personal investigation into the death of Dr. David Kelly, who revealed that the government dossier on Iraq having weapons of mass destruction was 'sexed up' which we now know was deliberately fabricated to take the UK into an illegal war. Dominic Grieve took it upon himself to investigate the death of Dr David Kelly when it should have been left to an independent inquest, as with every other case where death has not occurred through natural causes. He should therefore resign.

I have some quibbles with some of the wording but the heart of the petition is right.

I've signed it today.

After all, why wouldn't I?

It's now 9 months since I invited Dominic Grieve to resign:
The Death of David Kelly - I invite the Attorney General and Solicitor General to resign.

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