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The Death of David Kelly - Media coverage of the Section 13 application of 18th April 2012

I thought I'd take a moment to draw together the media coverage (so far) of the Section 13 Application of 18th April 2012 to the Attorney General.

It's disappointingly thin on the ground.

Quite possibly, Dominic Grieve may consider that he's off the hook.

But I don't for a moment think he is.

The most helpful online publication is on the Global Research site where Dr. Stephen Frost writes a brief article and includes my letter to the Attorney General and the full text of the Section 13 Application.

See Suspicious Death of Dr David Kelly: Doctors Seek New Death Inquest.

The coverage in the mainstream UK media is very disappointing.

Only the Scotsman picks up the Press Association copy. See Doctors renew call for Kelly inquest.

DOCTORS campaigning for a fresh inquiry into the death of scientist David Kelly have submitted a new application calling for Attorney General Dominic Grieve to ask the High Court to order an inquest.

Mr Grieve rejected calls for an inquest last June, following a lengthy review of the case of Dr Kelly, whose body was found in 2003, shortly after he was identified as the source of a report about the government’s dossier on Iraqi weapons of mass destruction.

The attorney general found there was no possibility that an inquest would reach a different conclusion from the Hutton Inquiry, which found in 2004 that Dr Kelly committed suicide.

But Dr Andrew Watt and Brian Spencer argue that Mr Grieve relied on a “misleading and inadequate assessment” of evidence that Dr Kelly’s body may have been moved in the hour after its initial discovery by volunteer searchers.

The Independent has a tiny item in its News Matrix for 21st April 2012. See The News Matrix: Saturday 21 April 2012.

Demand for inquiry into Kelly death

Doctors campaigning for a new inquiry into the death of Government weapons inspector David Kelly have submitted a new application urging Attorney-General Dominic Grieve to ask the High Court to order an inquest. Mr Grieve rejected initial calls for an inquest last June.

The Oxford Mail has a brief piece. See New appeal for Dr Kelly inquest.

A NEW application has been made to the Attorney General calling for a full inquest into the death of Government weapons inspector Dr David Kelly.

On July 21, 2003, Coroner Nicholas Gardiner opened an inquest into Dr Kelly’s death, three days after his body was discovered in woods at Harrowdown Hill, close to his home in Southmoor.

Prime Minister Tony Blair then commissioned the Hutton Inquiry which concluded Dr Kelly, 59, died from blood loss after cutting his wrist with a gardening knife.

But there have been repeated calls for a full inquest, with the latest application being made by Dr Andrew Watt, from Scotland, and Brian Spencer, from Cornwall. They believe questions still need to be answered regarding his death.

In February, Mr Gardiner said there had been no political pressure put on him not to order an inquest.

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