Thursday, 12 April 2012

The Iraq Inquiry - No draft report before Summer 2012

It appears that it will be some time yet before the Chilcot Inquiry will impose its whitewash on the unsuspecting ... or very suspecting ... British public.

The following text currently appears on the home page of The Iraq Inquiry.

I quote it in full here in part because it's interesting (at least it is to me). And also because in time it will be replaced.

The Iraq Inquiry has concluded its public hearings and is currently analysing the written and oral evidence it has received and drafting its report.

Pulling together and analysing the evidence and identifying the lessons, for a report that covers so wide and complex a range of issues and a time period of some nine years, is a significant task. The Inquiry has advised the Government that it will need until at least summer 2012 to produce a draft report which will do justice to the issues involved. Very considerable progress has already been made, but there is still much to be done.

As well as drafting the report, the Inquiry will need to negotiate the declassification of a significant volume of currently classified material with the Government, to enable this to be quoted in, or published alongside, the Inquiry’s report. That process has begun, but there will be a series of further major requests as drafting progresses. The Inquiry has made clear that it will need co-operation from the Government in completing this in a satisfactory and timely manner.

In addition, if the Inquiry concludes that it wishes to criticise any individual, in line with the Inquiry’s witness protocol the individual would be informed of the Inquiry’s views and offered the opportunity to make representations to the Inquiry.

The Inquiry’s report will be submitted to the Prime Minister. The Inquiry understands that it will then be published in Parliament. A copy will also be available on this website.

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