Sunday, 20 February 2011

The Death of David Kelly - Corroboration of the communications mast

Hitherto, the only local mention that I'd been aware of regarding the presence of the 110' high communications mast at the then home of David Kelly was in the evidence of Janice Kelly to the Hutton Inquiry.

At least one contemporary media report, refers to a "giant police communications mast".

See Disbelief at the loss of 'honest, sensible and lovely fellow'.

Police guarded the entrance to the property, the well-tended gardens bounded by a high hedge and 10ft wall. A giant police communications mast, erected in the garden after Dr Kelly failed to return from his 3pm walk on Thursday, towered over the house which adjoins a converted stable block

Interestingly, Paul Peachey and other journalists who presumably saw the 110' high mast display a startling lack of curiosity about why it was there.


  1. Andrew - thanks for that Indy link - I hadn't spotted that story previously. Although Peachey misidentifies the white tent as housing the body, he made me smile with his unearthing of the amusingly named ALPENHAUS B&B in the village. Perhaps he stayed there and recommended the Käsespätzle, Apfelstrudel and Hefeweizen? The mounted police presence is also rarely mentioned elsewhere.

  2. Only a small point - the vicar who came to visit did not carry out the funeral.