Thursday, 3 February 2011

The Death of David Kelly - Thames Valley Police and the Wilding Report

There are potentially worrying discrepancies in the evidence supporting Andrew Gilligan's account of comments which he attributed to Dr. David Kelly.

Not least is that the first version of the "Kelly" comments is dated 21st May 2003 on Andrew Gilligan's computer.

Since Andrew Gilligan and Dr. Kelly met on 22nd May 2003 it is potentially very disturbing that a supposed record of a meeting appears to have been written the day before the meeting took place.

The discrepancy was investigated, at least to some extent, by Edward Wilding. Mr. Wilding gave oral evidence at the Hutton Inquiry but his written report was withheld from the Hutton web site!

One would expect that Thames Valley Police would have thoroughly investigated that discrepancy.

But it appears that they ignored it.

See the following response from Thames Valley Police to a Freedom of Information request:

Dear Dr Watt

Reference No: RFI2010000819

Thank you for your request for information dated 29/11/2010 which for clarity I repeat below

1. To ask for a copy of the written report and/or statement(s) of Mr. Edward Wilding which he produced relating to his forensic examination of Andrew Gilligan's personal digital assistant?

2. To ask, if Thames Valley Police do not have a copy of the report for what reason(s) Thames Valley Police failed to secure a copy of the report in 2003.

Thames Valley Police does not hold this report.

Please contact me quoting the above reference number if you would like to discuss this matter further.

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  1. This is astonishing.
    A witness statement by Julian Pike of Farrer & Co also failed to make it to the Hutton Inquiry evidence list. The investigation of the vital evidence on Gilligan's laptop, which would confirm whether his personal organiser had been doctored, also seemingly ran into the sand.