Sunday, 20 February 2011

The Death of David Kelly - "The Man in the Middle" Podcast

Recently, my attention has been drawn to a very interesting podcast by Professor Stephen Kettell of Warwick University.

The podcast is entitled, Lecture 11 (Podcast): 'Man in the middle'.

Professor Kettell steps through the sequence of events surrounding the death of David Kelly.

He draws attention to the gap of a couple of weeks or so when Alastair Campbell wasn't too concerned about the Andrew Gilligan broadcast.

Around mid June, Alastair Campbell abruptly puts on a mask of outrage about the Gilligan broadcast of 29th May.

Why? Professor Kettell concludes that this is essentially a smokescreen (my term).

What's happening in mid June 2003 that might make Alastair Campbell (and Tony Blair) so worried that they need to manufacture a public furore?

What is the disaster from which the public attention's needs to be distracted?

In an upcoming post I'll attempt to answer that question.

I also intend to look at whether Alastair Campbell's publicity game might be, directly or indirectly, linked to the death of David Kelly.

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