Saturday, 19 February 2011

The Death of David Kelly - Head of Thames Valley Special Branch in 2003

In his evidence to the Hutton Inquiry, Assistant Chief Constable Michael Page coyly refers to discussions with the head of Thames Valley Police Special Branch but omits naming him.

The identity of the Head of Thames Valley Police Special Branch in 2003 has been a minor mystery.

A recent article in the Mail on Sunday appears to have identified the individual concerned: Gilbert Houalla, currently a Superintendent with Thames Valley Police, it seems.

The Daily Mail article also alleges that there was a relationship between (now) Chief Constable Sara Thornton and Superintendent Houalla.

The online version of the Mail on Sunday article, as I think it is, is here: Woman chief constable's relationship with married officer she took to banquets at Windsor Castle.


  1. He describes himself as a Police Inspector in late April 2003

  2. So we've got someone of French Lebonese descent in charge of Oxford's special branch. He's knobbin' the boss and partying at Buck Pal, he knows the guys at Windsor Royal Lodge and he a member of the Black Police Association.

    Why wouldn't you put him in charge of Dr Kelly's incident?

  3. Felix,

    Thanks for the link.

    So we have Inspector Gilbert Houalla as Inspector Houalla of Thames Valley Police in April 2003 and, in all likelihood, the head of Thames Valley Police Special Branch.