Friday, 25 February 2011

The Death of David Kelly - What was David Kelly doing in April 2003?

There are a number of questions which arise from examination of the various versions of David Kelly's diaries available on the Hutton Inquiry web site.

One question I find particularly interesting is what David Kelly was spending his time on in April 2003.

There are two versions of his diary for April 2003 on the Hutton Inquiry web site.

The computer version is this document: COM/5/0040 - 0053.

The April 2003 diary is on page 14 of 14.

It shows that David Kelly spent 3 days on UNMOVIC work and noted two "privilege days" (which I assume to have been Good Friday and Easter Monday).

The rest of the month is blank.

What was he doing?

Similarly, the manuscript version of the diary, TVP/3/0131 - 0142, has huge gaps.

The April 2003 diary is on page 5 of 12.

The only entry of substance is an optician's appointment on 10th April.

Again we are left with the question of what David Kelly was doing in April 2003.

Something interesting?

Something secret?

For the moment it's not at all clear.


  1. Andrew

    The most important item in the diary (if it is not a red herring filled in to throw us off the trail) is what occurred on April Fools Day 2003 - a private discussion meeting on South Africa's Chemical and Biological Weapons programme, including Project Coast, given at the IISS by Chandre Gould. Once again, I don't spot Dr Kelly in a photo of an event he was supposed to have attended.
    The book Project Coast: apartheid's chemical and biological warfare programme By Chandré Gould is (mostly) online.

  2. Gould & Kelly would have come across each other frequently. For instance, at Pugwash in Geneva, 9-10 November 2002, followed by the NGO Bioweapons Prevention Project, BWPP launch meeting the next day.

    Scenic Service on the Epiphany, 2003,relates, I suspect, to his Renault car.