Sunday, 29 April 2012

The Death of David Kelly - David Cameron refuses to allow Leveson to consider David Kelly's death

I've been tidying up a backlog of Google Alerts, including those about David Kelly.

I had missed a question to the Prime Minister, David Cameron, on 20th July 2011 from George Freeman MP.

It was mentioned in the Telegraph in these terms:

13.24 Cameron is asked whether the judicial inquiry will look into the death of David Kelly. Cameron says that it's important that the inquiry doesn't go "completely viral, as it were", and that Dr Kelly's death has been looked into very closely already.

See Phone hacking scandal: as it happened July 20.

The House of Commons Hansard for 20th July 2011 records the question and David Cameron's response in these words:

George Freeman (Mid Norfolk) (Con): Does the Prime Minister agree that one of the most lamentable episodes in this sad affair was the death of David Kelly, a proud civil servant whose name was thrown to the media pack, putting him under intolerable pressure, which led to his suicide? Will my right hon. Friend give me an undertaking that the investigation will be given a remit to cover and look back at how that event unfolded?

The Prime Minister: The point that I would make to my hon. Friend is that we have to be careful that this inquiry does not go completely viral, as it were. It has to focus on the issues at hand. Obviously, the issue of David Kelly was looked at in detail in the Hutton inquiry, and I think that this inquiry has to make some progress.

See House of Commons Hansard Debates for 20 July 2011 (pt 0001). The quote is from Column 950.

Again, David Cameron repeats the nonsense that Hutton adequately examined David Kelly's death.

It's almost as if David Cameron knew that there is something important about David Kelly's death which must be hidden from scrutiny.


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