Monday, 23 April 2012

The new Blogger interface is VERY annoying - it strips out necessary whitespace

This post isn't about the Iraq Inquiry nor about the murder of David Kelly. It's about a change in the Blogger interface that is making a mess of my recent posts.

With effect from a couple of days or so ago Blogger imposed a new editing interface.

That interface strips out all whitespace between paragraphs, making the text just one long stream of text. On screen a long post - even a fairly short post - becomes much more difficult to read.

I've found a way to switch back to the old interface. But how long will that be available?

Hopefully Blogger will fix the whitespace problem.

Like Microsoft in the bad old days there is nobody to complain to about the Blogger editor problem. At least I can't find where to complain to.

Now, hopefully, back to efficient posting.

The new Blogger editor is a step backwards. Its whitespace problem needs to be fixed.

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