Friday, 27 April 2012

The Death of David Kelly - The naivete of the Guardian in August 2003

I've just stumbled across an interesting editorial from the Guardian of 1st August 2003. See Fair and exact.

Such innocence.

My considered view of the Hutton Inquiry is that it had two purposes:

  1. To conceal the political murder of Dr. David Kelly

  2. To conceal a criminal conspiracy within the higher echelons of the Blair Government to conduct military action in Iraq, contrary to UK Law

In concealing these criminal actions, I believe Lord Hutton will, in time, be added to an odious list of corrupt senior judges, not least the late Lord Chief Justice, Lord Widgery.

Lord Widgery you may recall covered up the murders of innocent civilians on Bloody Sunday by members of the 1st Battalion of the Parachute Regiment.

Brian Hutton also played his part.

He was counsel for the Ministry of Defence at the inquest into the Bloody Sunday murders.

Mr. Hutton (as he then was) was not at all pleased when the Inquest correctly identified the deaths on Bloody Sunday as murder.

Mr. Hutton expressed his displeasure in these terms:

It is not for you or the jury to express such wide-ranging views, particularly when a most eminent judge has spent 20 days hearing evidence and come to a very different conclusion

In 1972 Brian Hutton wanted to conceal 14 murders which were politically embarrassing to the British State.

In 2003 Brian Hutton (by then Lord Hutton) again attempted to conceal a murder politically embarrassing to the British State. At least that's my view.

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