Monday, 16 April 2012

The Death of David Kelly - Did Dominic Grieve lie about Professor Flanagan's report and Dr Shepherd's Report?

On page 10 of his written statement, Attorney General Dr Kelly written statement 9 June 2011, Dominic Grieve states the following:

The reports of Dr Shepherd and Professor Flanagan, independent and authoritative experts in their field, support the finding of suicide in trenchant terms.

And later states,

There is no possibility of a different verdict on the basis of the evidence of Dr Shepherd and Professor Flanagan.

It seems to me that Dominic Grieve is lying on two grounds:

  1. Nowhere in his report does Professor Flanagan mention suicide.

  2. Nowhere in either report do Dr Shepherd or Professor Flanagan say it is impossible that another interpretation is true.

I can't find statements to either effect in the Shepherd, Forensic medical report by Dr Shepherd 16 March 2011, or Flanagan, Witness statement by Professor Flanagan 12 March 2011, reports.

Did I miss something so important?

Or is Dominic Grieve simply lying?

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