Friday, 27 April 2012

The Death of David Kelly - It was David Kelly who debunked the "mobile weapons labs" lie

In February 2011 I explored the likelihood that it was David Kelly who played a key role in the debunking of the lie that two "mobile weapons labs" had been found in Iraq after the military conflict had finished.

See The Death of David Kelly - The Fictitious Mobile Weapons Laboratories.

I've now found a contemporary report, from the Observer of 20th July 2003, confirming that it was DAvid Kelly who told the Observer that the supposed mobile weapons labs were bogus:

In one particular Kelly was definitively at odds with what both George Bush and Blair were claiming about postwar discoveries of Iraqi weapons. Both had insisted that Coalition Forces had found and identified two alleged mobile germ warfare laboratories. But Kelly had a totally different opinion, telling The Observer that he had examined the alleged labs in person and had no doubts about what they were intended for - the production of hydrogen to fill artillery balloons. 'Exactly as the Iraqis described them,' he would tell this paper.

See A haunted man for the source of the preceding quote.

Just how much did David Kelly's honesty on that point anger very powerful people?


  1. Andrew any idea why Peter Beaumont of the "Don't mention Dr Kelly" Guardian would tweet this in early 2011?

    peter beaumont ‏ @petersbeaumont
    And let's not forget that it was David Kelly who was sent to hunt for Curveball's fictious mobile bio labs among other things
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    1. I've answered my own question - it was the same day the Guardian published a piece by Carne Ross - Curveball and the manufacture of a lie which ever so slightly shifted the blame back to Gilligan.

      Notice how Ross uses the sentence Here's why.> One used by "Mr Toad".