Monday, 13 December 2010

The death of David Kelly - The Daily Mail publishes legal submission to the Attorney General by a group of doctors

Today the Daily Mail published online the text of the legal submission to the UK's Attorney General.

In legal jargon the legal submission is termed a "memorial".

The text of the memorial is presented as a group of images.

The introductory article is here: Published for the first time, the papers which could finally force full inquest into the death of Dr David Kelly.

The text of the "memorial" is here: Full report into the death of Dr David Kelly.

Unfortunately, as far as I can gather, there is no information in the printed version of today's Daily Mail about the existence of the "memorial" online or how to access it.

For the avoidance of ambiguity, I have no direct association with the group of doctors who submitted the "memorial", although I do agree with the bulk of the content of the memorial.


  1. Although a number of blogs and other websites have picked up this story the traditional media - other newspapers, TV stations - or their websites at least - seem to be totally uninterested. Is there a conspiracy of silence?

  2. Brian - I have just read an an interesting summation of the motives of MSM Journalists in a blog comment by Jon on Craig Murray's Blog at 7:06 PM on 12 December 2010.
    Follow the paragraph starting * journalists in Jon's comment.(discussing Wikileaks and the MSM's stance towards them)