Thursday, 9 December 2010

The death of David Kelly - Who is Alan Clark?

Who is Alan Clark?

He is mentioned here, Evidence submitted to the Inquiry by Thames Valley Police, by way of a witness statement labelled thus:

Witness statement: Alan Clark - not for release - personal witness statement TVP/1/0046 - 0047

Alan Clark wasn't a witness at the Hutton Inquiry, yet he clearly had some interesting information potentially to impart.

For example, in this document, TVP_3_0002, we learn that Mr. Clark had provided seven exhibits six of which were labelled as "sensitive".

I intepret the preceding page as being part of the following document from Kevin McGuire:

Covering note from Kevin McGuire 08/08/03 - not for release - Police operational information TVP/3/0001 - 0003

One might also ask "Who is Keven McGuire?".

In 2010 it would seem that Kevin McGuire was/is a Detective Inspector with Thames Valley Police: Men sentenced to over 10 years imprisonment for game machine theft - AMENDED.


  1. Fascinating find, Andrew. Obviously Alan J. Clark. Mr Clark might be, for instance, a local accountant, just as Quentin Silas was the local undertaker who presumably dealt with the funeral of Dr Kelly. It is certainly not Alan M Clark the maverick Conservative MP and DTI Minister with whose name Dr Kelly is connected over the missing nuclear weapons to South Africa in this blog post, and which may be the most credible reason why Dr Kelly was killed.

  2. Felix,

    I've just noticed that on this page, that there are two witness statements for Alan Clark.

    Each is two pages long so I guess it's possible that they are duplicates.

  3. Whilst we are on the subject, who is Roger William Cook? - TVP/5/0001 - 0004
    The other two witness statements under this file are both UNSCOM Weapons inspectors.

  4. Felix,

    Another reason that it isn't the MP Alan Clark is that he died in 1999, I think.

  5. I did know that, Andrew! ( I just liked the coincidence of another Alan Clark associated with DK)

  6. Perhaps it's the PC Alan Clark mentioned here.

  7. Kevin McGuire was a Detective Sergeant working under the direction, one imaginees, of DCI Alan Young at the Kelly "incident" room.
    " I have also spoken to a DS McGuire at the Long Hanborough incident room" says PC Sawyer at the Hutton Inquiry about the red herring Moscow photo of Dr Kelly.