Thursday, 9 December 2010

The death of David Kelly - The missing exhibits

A substantial number of exhibits made available to the Hutton Inquiry are at least mentioned in oral evidence.

However an unknown number of exhibits are hidden from the public.

For example, on this page, Evidence submitted to the Inquiry by Thames Valley Police, we get a glimpse into a world of hidden exhbits in the following document: TVP_3_0002.

To the best of my knowledge the seven exhibits associated with Alan Clark are entirely hidden from the public.

Six of those seven exhibits are labelled "sensitive" and it is not clear whether or not they were immediately made available to the Hutton Inquiry, or indeed if they were ever made available to the Hutton Inquiry.

How many other exhibits were hidden from the public?

Currently we don't know.

I believe we ought to be told.

It seems to me that the concealment of these exhibits from Alan Clark (and, in all likelihood, other exhibits) is further evidence that Lord Hutton lied when he stated that all evidence is available on the Hutton Inquiry web site.


  1. What happened to the 'book' which was supposedly being written by David Kelly? Now that, I should imagine, would be very sansitive.

    Come to think of it, what happened to all the documents etc which were on the computers which were removed from his house? Have the contents of such ever come to light?

  2. Sylvia,

    The existence (or otherwise) of "the book" that David Kelly was supposedly writing is something that I haven't had time to check yet.

    The impression I had was that David Kelly had put a publisher in touch with various potential authors for books broadly related to his area of expertise.

    But I haven't found "hard" evidence that David Kelly was, himself, writing a book.

    But, as I say, I haven't looked seriously at that question yet.

  3. Sylvia,
    If you want to find out more about this book, the person to speak to is Victoria Roddam. She was the commisioning editor at Oneworld Publications in Banbury Road Oxford. They were hoping to publish the book. She is still about, last time I heard she was working for BBC Radio Oxford doing something with one of the local theatrical groups that is run by an old friend of mine.
    I believe this book was the cause of Dr Kelly's death, so there is no way the authorities will release any files relating to it off Dr Kelly's computers!
    As Andrew says it is also unlikely that Dr Kelly was going to write it himself, so I pressume she would have had someone lined up for the job, who knows they may still have some notes.