Friday, 10 December 2010

The death of David Kelly - David Kelly's computers

Today I stumbled across an email which appears to list David Kelly's computers - at least those computers which were seized by Thames Valley Police from the Kelly home in Southmoor.

See TVP/3/0035 for the information.

The timing of the email suggest that Thames Valley Police had seized the computers from the Kelly home by around 18.00 on 18th July 2003.

The total computer hardware appears to be two tower computers, three laptops and one PDA.

In addition, I seem to recall that a further computer was seized from one of David Kelly's work locations. From memory either the FCO or the Defence Intelligence Services location.


  1. The evidence is presented by ACC Page,paras 35-7
    "we also, from the Ministry of Defence, seized a tower PC with a disk size of 3 gigabytes, 2.4 gigabytes of which had been used."
    At para 37 he concludes that no third party was involved in Dr Kelly's death.

    Incidentally, at TVP/3/0041
    Did you notice that Dr Kelly says to Prof MÃ¥lfrid Braut-Hegghammer
    "I am uncertain whether I will be in the
    UK on the 19th and 20th May but I think that my overseas project may slip so I could well be available then" This was written on 1 MAY 2003, so Dr Kelly SEEMED TO KNOW THAT HE WOULD BE "DEPORTED" IN ADVANCE FROM KUWAIT!!
    (Braut answers she would like to talk to DK in "late week 20(w/e 17 May) or on 19 May"
    Clearly a lot of the Braut exchanges are missing because they seemed to start with a cold call on 17 March (DK thinks Braut is a man at first)
    Don't you think she would have been a good witness to have called into the Hutton Inquiry? He emailed her about their information exchange at 11.17 on 17 July 2003. I wonder what was in her Thesis? She was in contect with a lot of the top players,perhaps via DK, eg Kraatz-Wadsack.

  2. Felix,

    The thesis was about UNSCOM and UNMOVIC, if I remember correctly.

  3. Andrew - What I was getting at was this: all hell breaks out over contacts with journalists yet DK is having a chatty exchange right upto his disappearance about weapons in Iraq with an M.Sc student at the LSE who just calls him up and it doesn't seem too important. Would DK have had to declare this contact to his superiors?

  4. Felix,

    I think the "may slip" about the overseas trip may mean nothing more than that it may be postponed.

  5. Felix,

    If my recollection about the thesis focussing on UNSCOM and UNMOVIC is correct then maybe David Kelly wouldn't have to report the contact to his managers, since that relates to UN work, rather than to Ministry of Defence or other UK Government work.

  6. Andrew

    But even if the 19 May trip weren't postponed,and it wasn't, DK said he would be away on 19/20 May (Iraq not specified) and in any case Braut had only asked about the 19th. In actual fact, he was answering her mooted meeting to correct my note at 15.28.

  7. Interesting too how some of the emails' senders are NOT redacted. I wonder why? How does it fit in with the narrative that Gabrielle (Kraatz-Wadsack) has her name deliberately left visible on this email, COM/4/0099?? What is Hutton's motive?

  8. Felix,

    My take on the inconsistency in redaction is that it's probably a task that would have been left to one or more minions to do. Slight inconsistency isn't surprising.

    At the moment I don't see much need to postulate "Hutton's motive".

    I guess it's possible that some senders / witnesses explicitly gave permission for their name(s) not to be redacted.

  9. Andrew
    It is interesting that here the TVP Divisional Commander for Vale of White Horse, Acting Superintendent Dave Purnell, is involved: one of his very few interfaces with the whole Kelly business which occurred on his very own patch, apart from his two press conferences. Is this a smokescreen to mask Special Branch involvement?

    The National Hi-Tech Crime Unit was being led by Chief Supt Les Hynds at the time and existed between 2001-6, being superceded by SOCA. I can't immediately see the crime which resulted in Dr Kelly's equipment being seized so quickly and passed to NHTCU,since the NHTCU specialised in internet crime,fraud etc. Obviously its expertise was in Forensic Retrieval but I don't see Dr Kelly's alleged suicide being classed as either new crimes new tools or old crimes new tools.

  10. I see Terry Williams now at LGC Forensics in nearby Culham,Abingdon, location of Roy Green, although he was formerly TVP High Tech Crime Unit Manager. I withdraw the Special Branch remark.

  11. According to this article in the Daily Mail 27/7/09, "Most intriguingly, at 8am, half an hour before Dr Kelly's body was discovered under the tree, three officers in dark suits from MI5's Technical Assessment Unit were at his house.
    The computers and the hard-disk containing the 40,000 words of the explosive book were carried away. They have never been seen since."

    AS FAR AS I CAN TELL THIS IS THE FIRST MENTION OF the MI5 TECHICAL ASSESSMENT UNIT,SOME 6 YEARS LATER. WHERE DID THIS COME FROM? The TAU also appears in this 21/8/2010 article by Paul Vallely in the Belfast Telegraph relating to them stripping wallpaper. Where also did the wallpaper stripping story originate?
    In fact there is no other reference to the technical assessment unit anywhere except in connection with the above two articles!!!
    However, the Export Control Organisagtion controlsexport of military and secret goods and WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION!
    The ECO now comes under the Dept for Business Innovation & Skills>

  12. To clarify - the Export Control Organistion has a Technical Assessment Unit and not MI5 as far as I can detect.

  13. So, WERE they going in on behalf of the DTI?
    Where DID the Technical Assessment Unit reference originate? Seems a bit similar to this