Wednesday, 8 December 2010

The Iraq Inquiry - Tony Blair and others to be required to give further public evidence

The Iraq Inquiry has announced that Tony Blair and a number of others are to be required to give further public oral evidence to Sir John Chilcot and colleagues.

The announcement is here: Iraq Inquiry will take further public evidence.

The oral hearings will take place between 18th January 2011 and 4th February 2011.

In addition, the Iraq Inquiry has requested further written evidence from a number of individuals, including the former Attorney General, Peter Goldsmith.

In recent weeks, I have focussed this blog largely on issues relating the death of David Kelly.

In coming weeks I will post a signfiicant volume of information relating to the offences contrary to UK law that Tony Blair, Peter Goldsmith and others committed in relation to the UK military action in Iraq.

That will, inevitably, raise issues relating to the Iraq War that are not currently widely appreciated. I will attempt to write future posts to facilitate understanding by an audience which is probably unfamiliar with at least some of the material I intend to post.


  1. Interesting that Brian Jones is being asked to give written evidence. As he says, everything seemed to change on or about 12 September 2002 with a secret Report he calls X (just as Gilligan took his "boating holiday" when Dr Kelly said he met him at the mysterious IISS meeting immediately after President Bush's "gathering danger" Speech to the UN General Assembly,itself following on from the first 9/11 commemoration.
    Jones' Failing Intelligence... will apparently be adduced as evidence.
    I wonder where Dr Kelly fits into it all?

    What I don't think Chilcot will ever get to the bottom of is just why the US had the UK by the short and curlies forcing it/Blair to do anything the US wanted it to do.

  2. Andrew- whilst killing time at a railway station,I flicked through Tony Blair A Journey and was surprised to find that Tony described David Kelly as "a Ministry of Defence Intelligence Expert of about 20 years standing". As far as I can see, there is no internet reference anywhere to Dr Kelly as a defence intelligence expert. In fact the only person who is linked to that soubriquet is interestingly Dr Brian Jones.
    According to MOD/2/009-11,he was nothing of the sort. Or was he? Notice this sentence in para 4 : "He was also responsible for providing advice to the Defence Intelligence Staff (DIS) and the Secret Intelligence Service (SIS) on Iraq"