Wednesday, 20 April 2011

The Death of David Kelly - Contacting Chilcot's Cheating Us

Since some new individuals are either commenting on the blog or following the blog it might be helpful to repost information about how to contact me, for example, to ask a question or forward a piece of possibly relevant information. Or just to say "Hi!".

See A contact email address for Chilcot's Cheating Us for the email address. I've tried to make it difficult for spamming bots to understand it but still make it accessible to human beings.

If there are any topics that you think ought to be discussed that aren't being mentioned or aren't being taken seriously enough then feel free to mention them too.

I'd simply say that there is a raft of correspondence to the Attorney General and a smaller amount to Thames Valley Police that I have yet to post on the blog. And there's some really juicy stuff in there (at least in my opinion).

So the fact that something isn't actually the subject of a recent blog post doesn't mean it has been overlooked (or is being overlooked).

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