Saturday, 16 April 2011

The Death of David Kelly - The disappearing medical report of July 2003

On or around 7th or 8th July 2003 a medical examination was carried out on Dr. David Kelly, prior to his anticipated departure to Iraq on 11th July 2003.

The Kelly family gave their permission for the medical report to be released to the Hutton Inquiry. See page 2 of Fax of letter from Peter Jacobsen to Juliet Wheldon & annexures, 07/08/2003.

And then, so far as I can ascertain, that contemporaneous medical report disappears. I can't identify it in the Ministry of Defence Evidence.

Nor can I identify any mention of it in the Hutton Report.

Am I overlooking it? Or has it, perhaps, been suppressed?

If, as seems likely, David Kelly was given a clean bill of health (presumably including psychological health) on or around 7th or 8th July 2003 it would pose huge problems for the "suicide hypothesis".

Is that why the most contemporaneous report of Dr. Kelly's health makes no appearance, so far as I can trace, in the Hutton Inquiry?

I can find no mention that this report was made available to Professor Hawton. If it was not made available to him that would seem to me to be highly irregular on the part of the Hutton Inquiry. If it was made available and Professor Hawton ignored it then the irregularity would seem to be on Professor Hawton's part.


  1. The dental records, the ambulance patient record form, now this. Are none of Dr Kelly's medical records safe?

  2. I should have mentioned that there is brief mention of an "MOD health check" in the evidence of Dr. Malcolm Warner. See page 5 of the transcript where the report is said by Dr. Warner not to have said anything significant.

  3. Geoff Hoon said in early 2004 that the 45 minute threat was insignificant,. the very same threat which led to the Hutton Inquiry about the leak and death of Dr Kelly. Witnesses at the Hutton Inquiry were falling over themselves trying to make out how insignificant Dr Kelly was.
    Julian Miller said David Kelly was too junior to have had access to crucial intelligence.
    Jack Straw described Dr Kelly as a junior official (despite appearing alongside him, and other top FCO directors at the FAC in September 2002). No wonder Geoff Hoon said this was a problem in Campbell's diary entry!

    Did Mai Pedersen or Gabriele Kraatz-Wadsack provide ACC Page with any useful inforation? Nothing significant which furthered his enquiries.

    Anything deemed insignificant is almost certainly highly significant in this contect.

  4. Dr Kelly at the FAC said he had had access to JIC reports. These reports are above Top Secret ie code word (confirmed by Hoon at the Hutton Jamboree) so to say Dr Kelly was too junior access to crucial intelligence was a lie or a statement made by an ignorant person and/or malevolent person.

  5. Lancashire Lad

    I wonder whose name is redacted at this meeting (secret, bottom of page)

  6. Lancashire Lad.

    There is another name redacted at CAB/11/0016.. I wonder whether it is the same name redacted at CAB/45/0002-6? I assume this is the same meeting - so why were the FCO names omitted from CAB/45/0006?
    This blog post by the Yorkshire Ranter is well worth reading in this nexus.

  7. Felix

    Yorkshire Ranter's observations are interesting particulary when considered along side Dr K's Rockingham Cell disclosure (isc/1/0033)and Scott Ritter's take on their activities.

    The truth wasn't being told before Dr Kelly's death its little wonder its not being told now.

  8. Lancashire Lad.

    Is the missing name becomeing clearer now?

  9. Felix

    No but you know how slow I can be on the up take, from the CIC ref it appears to be a colleague of Paul Hamill (see interesting DM article)

    If someone can tell me how to do the hyper link that would be useful

    Anyway another interesting do on CIC is by Richard J. Aldrich, Whitehall and the Iraq War: the UK’s Four Intelligence Enquiries, sadly it paints an all too familiar depressing picture.

    As an aside Felix I seem to recall that you once commented on the helicopter search for Dr Kelly and remarked that the aircraft refuelled, I think you said at Brize Norton, is this correct? It makes more sense than Benson given timings and distance.

  10. Nice Link, LL

    Hamill was flushed out at Q381 in FAC/2/0110-31

    Forced to refuel is a strange term. The minister was evasive about why the Benson Helicopter was not used during the night.
    The helicopter seems to be off-scene and landed at the same time, 04.05, yet after refuelling at 04.30 it takes 5 minutes to return to the scene. I cannot square that. Neither can I square the fact that the Benson helicopter was on standby and not used in favour of a Luton craft. The location of the alleged refuelling was redacted.

    Give me a good reason why the missing name isn't Kelly. I think one has to take the whole FAC appearance with a pinch of salt. He was well coached (CAB/1/0094)

  11. I don't know if it's a good reason but Kelly was a facts man, he wouldn't of fitted into the CIC spin machine.

    His involvement with Rockingham was a liaison role, he would be used by them but he was not capable of spinning facts. Look at the torrid time he had at the committee apearances regurgitating the lies that he had be schooled in. I'm sure he would have been happier saying yes I did tell Gilligan the dossier had been sexed up at the last minute and Campbell was resposible for it; he would have lost his job and pension but at least he may still be alive

    The helicopter business is attracting my attention at the moment as (like most of the Hutton evidence) things just don't make sense.

    I am formulating a theory that I'll post here when I have more evidence.

  12. LancashireLad,

    I take a contrary view about David Kelly's ability to spin facts.

    His evidence to the FAC is a case in point, in my view.

    One day I might post at length about that, but just now I don't have the time to give you a detailed justification for my view.