Tuesday, 19 April 2011

The Death of David Kelly - The silence of Martin Robbins and Dr. Andrew Davison

In November 2010 I posted open letters to the Guardian writer Martin Robbins and the Cardiff-based pathologist, The death of Dr. David Kelly - "Put up or shut up!".

In his Guardian article in August 2010, David Kelly conspiracy theorists should put up or shut up, Martin Robbins was bullish (or should that be bullshit-ish?) about the evidence that David Kelly supposedly committed suicide.

Readers might be interested in the response of Mr. Robbins and Dr. Davison to my open emails.

Total silence.

It's enough to make you wonder whether Martin Robbins had a clue about what he so confidently wrote about.

Long-time readers of the blog may also wonder about the response of the forensic pathologists to whom I wrote in my open communication recorded in this post, The death of Dr. David Kelly - An open letter to Professor Derrick Pounder and other forensic pathologists.

You guessed it.

Total silence.

Not one of the forensic pathologists quoted by the Guardian backed up their casual opinions expressed in the Guardian article.

That silence I find very interesting if the forensic pathologists are genuinely sure that David Kelly committed suicide.

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