Thursday, 14 April 2011

The Death of David Kelly - Pam Teare moves to the Ministry of Justice

Pam Teare who was a player in the "outing" of David Kelly by the Ministry of Defence in 2003 has been appointed to a post as Director of Communications and Information at the Ministry of Justice.

See Ministry Of Justice Appoints CPS's Pam Teare For Newly-Expanded Top Comms Role.


  1. I must admit when I saw this my first thought was she has been employed to explain to the public why there will be no prosecutions of police officers, politicians and civil servants for their part in the cover up of David Kelly's death.

    But hey! that might be me being a tad bit cynical.

  2. it is inconceiveable to me that Tony Blair didn't authorise the third draft of the Q&A session which outed Dr Kelly.
    Read the transcripts of Kate Wilson and Pamela Teare squirming about how they were supposed to be protecting Dr Kelly from the press - an MoD press officer on standby who wasn't sent on 9th July - Dr Kelly not being told that his name was out via some cock and bull story.
    " I was about to call him (when he called her about 8pm, 9th July , allegedly) to ask if he wanted a press officer to go to his house" said Wilson about 2.5 hours after Dr Kelly's name was confirmed.(evidence of Pam Teare - "It was around 5.30 in the afternoon, certainly no earlier than that")
    Yet the previous evening,8th July, Wilson had said this
    " I said: you do need to think about alternative accommodation"
    On the 9th around 8pm, Mrs Kelly says the the MoD press office rang Dr Kelly. Wilson says Kelly rang her. Who is the liar?

    Compare their approach on 9th July with that on the 15th July. (Pamela Teare)"I asked the chief press officer to accompany Dr Kelly to the hearing because I knew there would be a lot of media there."
    Fed to the wolves.