Wednesday, 20 April 2011

The Death of David Kelly - "Do you have blood on your hands, Prime Minister?"

"Do you have blood on your hands, Prime Minister?"

These memorable words were asked of the then Prime Minister, Tony Blair, in Japan in July 2003 following the discovery of the body of David Kelly at Harrowdown Hill.

The dramatic question is captured towards the end of this video: Have you got blood on your hands Prime Minister? David Kelly.

As you see on the video, Tony Blair greets the question with a stony silence.

That silence about whether or not Tony Blair has the blood of David Kelly on his hands continues to this day.

Maybe, just maybe, at some point in the fairly near future Tony Blair will have formally to answer the perceptive question posed in 2003.

Tony Blair's stony silence on this matter should not be allowed to persist.

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