Saturday, 16 April 2011

The Death of David Kelly - Video of his evidence to the Foreign Affairs Committee

Some time ago I drew attention to the availability for purchase of a DVD of the evidence given by David Kelly on 15th July 2003 to the Foreign Affairs Select Committee: The death of David Kelly - Availability of DVD of Foreign Affairs Committee hearing on 15th July 2003.

Yesterday I discovered that almost the whole of his evidence to the Foreign Affairs Committee can be viewed online here: The Hutton Report: Video.

To view David Kelly's evidence, click on the lower of the two links on the page just linked to.

Then, once the video opens in Real Player click on the link "Dr. David Kelly: 15th July". It's not a normal web link so I can't, so far as I'm aware, link directly to that part of the video.

You might find it helpful to have access to the transcript of Dr. Kelly's Oral Evidence while watching the video.

I find it utterly bizarre that Professor Hawton concluded that Dr. Kelly (who laughs and jokes in parts of his evidence) committed suicide some 48 hours later.

The video begins at line 5 of Question 3 in the transcript.


  1. That is a fascinating site, Andrew, with Watts/Hewitt/FAC items.
    I noticed another interesting omission, answer to Q60, 34.24. Bill Olmer is asking how the name Campbell came up. Dr Kelly continues from and I offered my reasons why they may not have been used by saying (missing from transcript) We then went on to discuss... and there is a curious interjection from the chairman about fans, and the name Campbell then disappears from the subseqent answer.

    The exchange with Maples at Q79-87 concerns this 2001 article about the alleged al q'aq'a dirty bomb.

    The one thing which comes over to me is that the FCO Press Office were Dr Kelly's gatekeepers, and these people were kept well away from the Hutton Inquiry in favour of the MoD. With two sets of gatekeepers, I still find it astonishing that Dr Kelly was not allowed access to his home leading up to the FAC, including accessing social emails which could be done at any internet cafe in Cornwall for example.
    My feeling from the video , watched in conjunction with the text is that Dr Kelly had been well schooled beforehand to make sure he had as few fingerprints on the dossier as possible. The 25 Sept 2002 FAC meeting is the big problem though.
    One area where Dr Kelly was very evasive is his contact with Susan Watts. (see Q43-46, Gisela Stuart) His memory is strangely vague here. (cf SJW/1/0077-8) or even SJW/1/0035-6 and resultant telephone conversation.

  2. Just for the record,
    Rachel Kelly describes her father as "traumatised" on the Sunday night at the thought of the second (i.e. first FAC) committee on the Tuesday because it will be televised live. After the Tuesday FAC meeting he was "very dehydrated" apparently.
    The fiance Richard says this after the FAC :
    "It was noticeable he (Dr Kelly) was, at that point, going through some personal trauma"

    One thing which puzzles me, the daughter is going backward and forwards to feed the cats at Southmoor but there is nothing about her having to "run the gauntlet" (a frequently used phrase here,four times with two witnesses) of the press there outside the house in Southoor,if indeed any press were there.

  3. Felix,

    A propos "running the gauntlet" at the Kelly home in Southmoor Rachel Kelly mentions at one point meeting a single journalist on one visit, as I recall.