Friday, 29 April 2011

The Death of David Kelly - The interruption to Hutton reading his report

Lord Hutton read out a statement on 28th January 2004 regarding some of the major points which appeared in the Report of the Hutton Inquiry which was published on the same day.

The full video of Lord Hutton's statement is available on this page: The Hutton Report: Video.

The statement by Lord Hutton is the upper of the two video links on that page.

About 1 hour and 19 minutes into Lord Hutton's statement he is interrupted at some length by a female member of the audience.

She is blonde and in dark clothing. I wondered if she had a foreign (German??) accent.

Who is she?

Rumour has it that part of what she said was "David Kelly was murdered".

Unfortunately for me the sound quality wasn't good enough to decipher what she said and I was unable to confirm or refute the rumoured assertion.


  1. Andrew, the interruptee was Patricia Rodrigues-Walsh, a criminal psychologist. That was just before the best line, when Hutton thanked the Thames Valley Police for their "very through investigations".

    Just out of interest, can you identify the "great assistance" which Mrs Kelly and her daughters gave to the Inquiry for which Hutton thanked them so fulsomely?

  2. Felix,

    Like so much at the Hutton Inquiry, his statements shouldn't be taken at face value.

    When Hutton thanked Thames Valley Police for their "very thorough investigation" (sic) he maybe was showing a hint of a rather macabre sense of humour.

  3. The interruption was hardly mentioned by the media.

    I have found one mention here: Hutton: Surprises to the end.

    The only mention in the mainstream British media I can find is in this marvellously titled article: The good lord provides Blair with a stake for a black heart.

  4. I can't resist quoting this from the Tom Gordon article:

    "IT was billed as the worst 48 hours in Tony Blair's career. It turned out to be the worst in Michael Howard's. What a difference a dusty old judge makes. In retrospect, we should have sussed the instant we learned Lord Hutton's first name was Brian that he was never going to cut it in the nemesis business. When did you last hear of Brian the Impaler or Brian Vader?"

    Brian Hutton was certainly no impaler!

    At least of anyone other than the BBC.

  5. Of course, it may be possible that Brians resident in the Tamar Valley qualify as impalers!

  6. Interesting gloss on the video here. I can't locate a promised follow-up article

  7. A good find Felix and a very interesting article.

  8. Andrew, I don't think I qualify as an impaler!

  9. Vlad of the Tamar Valley doesn't sound right either.